"change pawn loadout" buggy on servers?

  • Hi there.

    i have a problem with using “change pawn loadout”.
    I want one player to be an archer with custom weapons: eg crossbow, spear, extra ammo
    When i test in editor = no problem
    When i test as singleplayer (open mymap) = no problem
    When i test on my dedicated server = Problem: My archer spawns with standard weapons (bow, dagger)

    Ok archer is buggy, so i have decided that he will spawn as maa. But i have the same issue with maa! Argh!

    Why is change pawn loadout not workin on my server? Is it bugged or a kind of cheat protection?

    Is anyone using it successfully?

  • What event are you using to trigger the Change Pawn Loadout node?

    Try logging in as admin in your server and then trigger it again. See if it works.
    From my experience, some events (like console events) only work when logged in as an admin.

  • It is a simple “touch volume trigger”. As soon as one player runs through he will change his pawn loadout to archer but with the default weapons not the ones i have chosen in kismet :/

    same, when i am admin on my server

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