Several questions. Need help from experienced UDK/SDK users.

  • @FartTender:

    Hey thank you for your quick reply joff!for 2 is it necessary to add the animation track before the move track? Because I already have the cart path made and I really do not want to redo the whole thing. It would take a lot of time. But other than that I did it the same way you explained to no avail.for 3 I can’t seem to find a way to turn on/off sounds through kismet. perhaps there is a way though.4 I actually figured out last night, I tried using every category of points at the same time (by using like 8 different nodes) and when I tried it it worked. So I know it does work I just have to figure out what category is the working one.

    2. no it is not necessary. 3. u can start and stop music^^. open the map coldfront: look for the carts with ballistas.

  • yeah that is weird for #2 because I am pretty sure I did it exactly as you explained, except for the looping part. I guess I will try to make it looping and see if it fixes

  • @FartTender:

    yeah that is weird for #2 because I am pretty sure I did it exactly as you explained, except for the looping part. I guess I will try to make it looping and see if it fixes

    Without looping it should spin at least for some seconds.

    Have you set up your Mesh Actor Properties?
    Skeletal Mesh Component > Anim Sets [0] = AnimSet….
    and maybe
    Skeletal Mesh Component > Animations > Anim Node Sequence > Anim Seq Name = Move + Looping true

  • You are a brilliant man Joff. That turned out to be the issue.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I can not believe I missed something so simple. I put the cart in very early in development and I guess I just overlooked it.

    Thanks again.

  • Also Joff, if you have any knowledge of the TB HUD extension that comes with every mesh I would love some insight.

    In my map I use the Hud extension (the same one for ammo boxes) on some destroyables. After they are destroyed I turn them off in kismet but the HUD marker stays. I have tried the “toggle HUD” kismet action but it did not work. I tried the “hide” action and the “turn off” action as well. I wish I could get rid of the annoying markers after its destroyed. Minor nuisance but a nuisance none the less.

  • For the drunkenness I’m not 100% sure but you’ll need to set up the trigger actor to activate said drunken effect in kismet. Don’t know what the other levels have set up for it but you’ll typically want to have the trigger setup with a dynamic trigger volume to display activation text and “display hud message”. And use a empty Object variable for the instigator (player who uses it). Same goes for actually applying the drunk effect, just hook the target actor to the same empty Object variable. (should have “???”) in the middle of it.

  • You could use AOCHUDMarkers + (in kismet Atach to Actor if needed) instead of HUD extensions. They are “toggleable”.

    Your welcome
    Believe me i had the same questions a while ago. :)

  • Joff:
    But I do not want to use the HUDmarkers because I only want the HUD to be seen from a certain close distance.
    The normal HUDmarkers are seen across the entire map.

    That is precisely what I have done, and every aspect works except for the actual drunkenness. The text shows up properly, the sound plays, but there is no drunken effect.

  • 1. You have to ensure that your post process chain has the right settings in because they are used by the drunk effect. Also I guess that you wont see it if you have post process effects turned off (not tested that though)

    If you want another example of getting drunk there is a wine cellar in Grail you can look at the kismet - I think its pretty much the same as TBs though. Miine didn’t work till I noticed that post process thing.

  • ok
    you could toggle them off and if the player enters a triggervolume (distance) toggle them on :)

  • Massive! Thank you so much for your expertise.

    You are a brilliant man.

    Thank you again.

    It worked perfectly.

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