If I Had A Million Dollars V2

  • I’d spend it on a hitman to kill these party pooping mods. Swearing stops serious off-topic discussion guys, so fudge off you prinks. Off topic is srs bsns and I dont need u swearing bass turds to fark it up again. This has just turned into a one-sentence story thread. I predict knifelegs to lock it or get another mod to lock it. #Conspiracytheories.
    Remember, no racial sluts.

    So there was this dude playin chiv, dig it, and he’s 15 years old but doesn’t let his emotions affect his logic or particle theory (which he’s teaching to himself)

  • The world has gone mad tbh first you write this on another thread.

    “Unborn fetus is the best. All the wholesome flavour of innocence with none of the extra calories or hassle of kidnapping and slaughtering real babies. It’s like breaking open the egg and slurping the yoke, but without the egg. An abortiommelette, if you will.”

    you get one locked and insult everyone by calling them ––s (censored). Now this thread about hitman.

    Are you trying to be a douche like mr soppygit. You seem forget the Mods are doing a good job unpaid on the forums
    here, on steam forums and in game servers as admins.

    The moderators might not put up with your nastiness for long mr oy.

  • Nothing positive is going to come of this thread. If you have any problems with the moderation on the forums please feel free to PM us about it.

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