Why aren't keybinds working normally?

  • I have played this game for 100 hours a long time ago. I would like to play again, but my controls and character customizations have been reseted.

    When I change the keybinds in the option menu, the default keys remain unchanged. Making the whole process useless.

    As an example, I like to block using the side button of my mouse, now it has been assigned to secondary attack by default. Even if I bind that button to “parry”, it will randomly block or perform an attack instead of just blocking.

    I don’t understand why the default keys cannot be deleted, or aren’t automatically deleted when new ones are entered. This is ridiculous and makes the game unplayable for anyone who doesn’t like the default controls.

  • Double click the default key and change that.
    After single clicking a key, you can delete the keybind using the delete keybind option.

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