[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Lookout-ForestAmbush

  • UPDATE 6/30: Upon testing with friends, hit a few snags in kismet sequence. Apparently I will have to get a programmer to make custom nodes! I will still be releasing this map in due time, unfortunately not in time for the contest however. More time to tweak and perfect :)

    The focus of this map will be a gameplay style that gets away from the current norm of push-able objectives, peasant slaying, capture points, and king killing. I wanted to make an objective based map that emphasized player on player combat specifically without the distractions of having to slay NPC’s, push something, point capping etc while still working towards a specific objective.

    Also wanted to get away from all the cliche castle assaults. This map will be a much more realistic representation of an attack on a typical outpost, something that would happen quite often in medieval times as opposed to full on castle assaults.

    The map will also make ample use of terrain features for various strategic applications, another thing I see missing in many current maps.

    Agathian’s will be attacking.

    STORY: After the brutal murder of King Feydrid at Coldfront, the Agathian’s seek revenge. The few surviving Agathian’s have no choice but to retreat into the lower lying foothills through Mason Territory. Rumor has it that several Mason noblemen were traveling through the area and had taken residence in a nearby small town. The meager Agathian force, defeated and low in number, must use cunning strategy to infiltrate the small outpost guarding the Mason towns entrance.

    Obj. 1: Cross over bridge

    _Scene description: A 15 foot wide x 40 foot long stone bridge spanning over the width of a river situated in a lush valley.
    -A Mason spawn advantage close to bridge.

    • Various strategy must be used by Mason’s to prevent even one Agathian from crossing to the other side of the bridge and completing the objective, moving the Agatha spawn closer to the outpost.

    Obj. 2: Outpost assault

    Scene description: A Wooden Palisade protected encampment situated on top of a steep hill overlooking the valley/bridge below. Shorter footpaths lead up the hill to outpost walls. A longer/wider lower incline road for vehicles stretches around the side and directly into the outpost walls creating a single an open entrance. The Masons have booby trapped this path for unwelcome guests however…

    -Agathian’s must somehow infiltrate the outpost walls with their small numbers and no siege equipment.
    -No open entrances (*except see below) so Agathian’s must build (destroyable) ladders to get into outpost walls
    -Mason have advantage of height/site on hill, overlooking the attacking Agathian forces, who must charge up the steep hill under ballista/catapult/arrow fire.

    • *Only one passive way into encampment which is a lower-incline stone path used for vehicles that stretches around the side of the outpost. Longer travel path than direct assault up hill.

    Obj. 3: Kill the Noblemen

    Scene description: Upon infiltrating the outpost, the Agathian’s have a new site before them on the other side of the hill, a vibrant village complete with impermeable stone walls, without doubt where the Nobles reside.

    -Top 3 Mason players will be selected as Nobles, all 3 must be killed within time limit for Agathian’s to win.

    • Random spawns of Masons throughout village, Agathian’s must spread out and find/kill the Nobles, making for a fun game of cat and mouse.

    This map will differ from others in its game play principles which is my main goal. I hope it will be engaging to the player and above all encourage dynamic and fast paced hand to hand combat.:surprise:

  • You do realize that the contest ends tomorrow, right?

  • @Pebble:

    You do realize that the contest ends tomorrow, right?

    Don’t tell him it’s a secret.

  • hahahahahahaha. You can do it brotha.

  • LOL i’ve been working on the map for months jsut never posted a progress thread RELAX. Will have screens up in a few hours when I get everything nice n pretty like.

    • Have a ‘work in progress’ thread on the Torn Banner Forums (posting WIPs on the forums and giving feedback to other contestants).

    uhuh… you have forgotten giving feedback to other contestants. But it is still some time :D

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