Cudgel needs a buff

  • right now there is no real reason to use it over other archer secondaries

    the blunt damage is minimal vs knights compared to a shortsword which generally kills knights faster because its easier to land stabs due to its speed

    damage needs to be buffed or it needs some unique perk (drags for example)

  • Archers shouldn’t have secondaries anyway.

  • Nah, Cudgel is currently #1 Humiliator. Keep it the way it is, lol.

  • yeah they should have maa primaries instead

  • Excuse me but I love roleplaying as random drunken peasant who found stick in a river and decided that it’s a good weapon if you want to bash some professional soldiers’ heads in who paid 4 oxen for their swords.

  • this is priority

    tbs, git it dun i have complete faith


  • You completely forgot the manliness factor.

    I agree though. The problem however is that there’s little space left for the Cudgel to fill.
    Blunt weapons, from slow to fast:

    **Maul -> Polehammer -> Warhammer -> Flanged Mace -> Quarterstaff
    **I probably forgot one but whatever.

    Where would you place the Cudgel? It needs to be faster than the Flanged Mace because of it’s lower damage. And you can’t buff the damage; it’d make no sense that a wooden club is almost identical in damage to a steel mace.
    I believe the Flanged Mace can two-hit kill a Knight with 2 overheads to the head. Cudgel needs at least 3 hits to a Knight under any circumstances.

    Quartertaff and Cudgel do the exact same damage. Quarterstaff (supposedly) has slightly lower speed, but benefits from “unpredictable” animations.

    So what’s left to buff? Make the Cudgel even faster? It’s supposed to be primarily anti-Knight. But the Cudgel and Saber have the same HTK on an Archer if you use overheads; Saber needs one hit less if you use slashes.
    If you’d buff the speed on the Cudgel, it will no longer be the more viable option against Knights. It will simply be more viable overall, due to increased damage against Knights but around the same HTK versus light classes.

    I’m not saying I have an excellent idea on how to buff it, but the Cudgel currently fills it’s role as “blunt wooden stick” quite nicely.
    Of all Archer secondaries, Cudgel is in most need of a buff.
    But quite frankly I don’t think any of them should be buffed.

    Most humourless post in humourful thread. Sorry for that.

  • Leave the cudgel. I randomed brandistock and cudgel. When I random, it means I have to use them weapons for the whole map. Sort of a rule I set. I didn’t want to use brandi with too much fresh meat playing so I used cudgel. Still a fun weapon, leave it as it is.

  • Last night, I saw a rank 1 archer go 26:17. Why? Because the only skill you need to be a decent archer is the ability to aim. Any decent FPS player will have success as archer after only a few hours playing it. I don’t want them to nerf the hell out of the class, I think a slight damage nerf would be a practical solution. I fully support archers having the melee ability that they have now; as far as the cudgel goes, perhaps a SLIGHT buff is necessary to make people think twice before choosing the shortsword.

    Also: I honestly don’t care if they change archers at all, but all the same, I do feel they’re a bit OP. Like many facets of this game, there’s a fine line between being OP and being worthless; so maybe it’s best just to leave the issue alone.

  • make it one shot to the head like maul.

  • Did he seriously ask for archer buff?

  • Does cudgel kill knights faster than shortsword?

  • @gregcau:

    Does cudgel kill knights faster than shortsword?

    Yes, three overhead head shots will down a knight.

    Shortsword can get a knight in three from the back, but from the front the best is a four hit.

    Numbers aside, the shortsword is still probably the better choice because it’s super easy to land hits.

  • cudgel can 2 shot a knight with 2 overhead headshots in the back!

    GL with that

  • I’d rather keep the Cudgel as the primary humiliation/shits&giggles weapon that it is right now. It’s so funny.

  • Definitely do not want the cudgel nightmare to return. Cudgel doesn’t need buffs, other archer secondaries need nerfing, especially short sword and thrusting dagger. And primaries.

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