Ugh mouse stopped working

  • It was fine this morning, wireless usb, logitech mouse. Now when I plug the usb in windows does a double beep and mouse fails to work (batteries are fine).

    If I plug into different usb port same result.

    If I plug it into a different laptop it works fine.

    If I plug a regular usb mouse it works fine.

    I rebooted, did a system restore - no change.


  • I would suggest you looking to device manager in windows. Another device might have taken over that driver.
    look under sound card properties as extra sound drivers can appear which are not needed.

  • Quick Google search tells me you should reboot the motherboard. Dafu?
    When was the last time you used the mouse? Did you just leave the usb in the computer or jammed it out there?(idk lol)

    I know how to reboot a motherboard, but it feels so unlikely to be the solution…

  • Not sure how to determine that in device manager. I did plug in my ipad this morning, maybe related. I’ll keep looking.

    I plug it in, it appears under mouse as logitech hd compliant blah. Enable/disable/checkfornewdrivers all fine.

    Weird stuff.

  • Your computer does a double beep when you plug it in? Is this sound coming from your speakers or inside the case? If it’s from the case I would definitely stop plugging it in because it could be a warning about a short. If it’s from the speakers it could just be driver related. Go into control panel > device manager > mouse > uninstall drivers. Then reinstall.

  • I’d remove ALL entries under USB controllers in the Device manager, reboot, plug in the wireless received and check what happens.
    If you’re getting the double beep from the internal speaker, then it’s probably some other thing at fault.

    Can’t you try that mouse on some other PC to rule out hardware malfunction?

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