New maps: which are your favourites so far?

  • Only tried around 4 or 5 maps so far, but I’m liking Belmez quite a lot, although some of the objectives could be made easier for the attackers, especially the third objective.

    Seaborn was fun, but personally found there was a bit too much running from spawn to objective, and again the objective to open the gates (after ship part) was probably a little too hard for attackers. This map was also a little too dark, IMO.

    I’ve also tried Irilla, and Cove, both were fun, but I personally though cove was a bit too short.

    Anyways, post what you think of the maps you have tried so far.

  • Really liked Cove, definetely top 3 for me.

    Seaborn was nice but needs quite a bit of work

  • Haven’t tried any in their final stages but King’s Garden, Seaborn and Belmez because phone net.

    I really liked all of those, Belmez was my favorite and I liked Garden’s tight formula too, Seaborn is just alright at the moment, but with some polish it has a lot of potential.

  • Personally, Belmez was my favourite because I liked the vibe and atmosphere.

  • Oh yeah I remember trying king’s garden, was in a scrim mercing for your clan actually, was pleased to see it worked quite nicely competitively.

    Not many of the maps I have tried so far seem to look good for scrims, still hoping for another dark forest in one of these maps.

  • Hard to say because the custom map servers are usually not populated.

    Ones I tested was with 10 player server and I’m not about to judge maps based on that, need some real 24/32p experience.

  • @Kreittis:

    Hard to say because the custom map servers are usually not populated.

    Ones I tested was with 10 player server and I’m not about to judge maps based on that, need some real 24/32p experience.

    That’s true, I only tried most the maps on my 10 slot server, but I’m just going off my initial impressions, not judging the maps yet. Just wondered which maps everyone liked so far, even if their experiences are only on small servers. I’m sure opinions will change anyways.

  • Belmez, Kings Garden, Cove in that order.
    I haven’t had the chance to test Irilla, Corisca, Ore, and Hideout.

  • Atmosphere preference goes to Belmez.

    Objective preference goes to Seaborn. Can’t wait to try that ship objective out on a more populated server, man.

    Balance and optimization preference goes to Cove.

  • Liked several of the custom maps I played, but unfortunately, many of them don’t run well for me. :(

  • On a second playthrough I have to say I really like Cove.

    Just annoying that we seem to get infinite loading screens on custom map rotations.

  • By the way, I hope TB decides to add more than just 3 maps into the vanilla game. So many good maps, would be a shame if they weren’t utilized. Even if they could just be voted for but were not in the rotation.

  • I found all of the maps, bar the one that has horses you can kill and the guards, run great, that other one runs pretty crap.

    They are all much better than Coldfront and citadel in their quality. They should all be included in official rotations imo.

  • Cove is great…I haven’t really tried any of the others

  • I also really liked castle assault, however the first 2 objectives didn’t have enough time to complete, and the third was perhaps too much time. Really nice looking map though, and ran very smoothly.

    Hopefully the timers get adjusted, I think this map shows promise.

  • On the edge and Cornharbor are pretty damn good ones.

  • Kings Garden. One of my first custom maps i have played: short, well balanced, combat action everywhere (no marathon running)
    On the edge. At the begin the map size could scare you, but when you start playing you dont want to stop - fun all the time.^^
    Belmez. interesting objectives, nice environment, well balanced, … nearly perfect

  • This post is deleted!

  • eu pls populate custom map servers so that I can gather information for my constructive criticism
    I beg of you

    Also, is there any good way of telling what the current map is in server without quitting and looking at server browser?

    EDIT: I forgot how to edit so I posted twice.

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