Vanguard basic guide

  • So does anyone know any good vanguard weapons/tips. I like the swords because I’m used to the slow swinging knight great swords. So out if all the classes do you guys prefer knight or vanguard and why.

  • Wow thanks!..… Thank you a lot, that will really help.

  • Well, I prefer the vanguard. The high damage it can do is what makes this class nice to play with IMO, + its speed also allows you to ballet and values a good footwork. Aghatian vanguards also got a psycopathic laugh that fits very well when you are on a killing spree

    Its a great class to learn the game too. Try to do well with the zweihander, for so you will need to use every mechanics that this game has and thus, is a good practicing weapon IMO. If you do well with it, every other sword will fly on your hands. Try some duels, there you will see the importance of a good defence since 2-3 hits of most of the weapons will get you killed. As you might know, the best of the 3 swords is the Greatsword.
    You can make some really nice delays and its accelerated overhead is a true nightmare fuel.

    Spears are also really fun and good to use, on collective fights you might prefer a suport role since you can’t combo (so your defense is also fucked because no CFTP), go aways with someone from your team, steal their frags and save their asses. Its a good weapon for teamplay and you will not TK as much I belive, since you will be stabbing everyone.

    Polearms are also nice, the one I like the most is the Polehammer due its 2 shots on knights. Also a great weapon for teamplay because of that. I don’t really like the halberd, I mean, if you want a slow and long weapon, I think that the zweihander is a better option.
    And if you want something fast, claymore is the way to go. Its a feint weapon, so to explore this weapon potential you will have to use them otherwise its not so effective, because you don’t have to much control over its attacks, so you risk getting predictable if you don’t feint.

    Oh also, a good tip is to adjust your FoV in a value you like. I go with 140, you can change you FoV via console using FOV X, where x is the number you want.

  • 1. take greatsword
    2. lookdown
    3. overhead

  • universal guide to melee classes:

    1. take greatsword
    2. lookdown
    3. overhead

    1. take messer
    2. gamble
    3. slash

    1. take broadsword
    2. dodge
    3. stab

  • archer
    1. Heavy Crossbow
    2. Shoot teammate while he’s fighting
    3. Turn around and reload inconspicuously.

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