Game is failing to start. No help from Torn banner.

  • I paid 30$ for the original Chivalry, and additionally I purchased the expansion (which wasn’t that great), but about 4-5 months ago my game failed to start. I haven’t been able to fix it since then, and I have contacted Torn Banner via email, but they told me that it’s basically not their problem.

    “It’s a problem with Windows”

    Even though the error message says to contact Torn banner. They offered me no additional support so I basically paid for nothing. Is this how you treat your loyal customers? The game was working fine before TB updated it. It’s YOUR problem not mine. I paid for the game, and it should work properly otherwise I should be reimbursed!

    Now, that my rant is over. On to the error. 4-5 months ago I received a long error message that said to contact TB at the bottom. Today, when I tried to start the game something different happened. The launcher opened up, and when I tried to start Chivalry it got stuck on the loading screen. Says that it’s not responding.

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