Looking for some help with a balance/mechanics mod

  • Hi modders, I’ve recently been developing some ideas for a Chivalry mod I’d like to design, and have been running a thread over here http://forums.tornbanner.com/showthread.php/20688-Rethinking-Chivalry

    The changes I’d like to make and implement in a small mod are:

    • altering some weapon damage stats
    • changing class resistances to different damage types.
    • changing stamina regen rate
    • making teammates impassable to friendly attacks

    I’d also like to play around with parry windows for different weapons, as well as allowing a small parry window during stuns, but I’m uncertain whether or not those require more difficult changes to animations etc.

    If anyone had any interest in toying around with these changes, or even advice on how to manipulate these things myself, I’d be very keen. Thanks!

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