Auto Slow Turn

  • My camera slowly turns to the left no matter what I do. On death, if I use free cam, it slowly turns to the left as well. I have disconnected both my mouse and keyboard and the problem still occurs. It does not happen on any other game or application.

    Help? It’s messing drags and simple movements up.

  • I had this problem a long, long time ago but I forget what I did to fix it.

    Er, try reinstalling the game?

  • Here’s a possible fix from the steam forums

    Quoted from steam thread

    Anyways, I figured out what the problem was. In the device manager under “Human Interface Devices” I found a device titled “HID-compliant game controller”. Once this device was disabled the in game spinning stopped.

  • This might sound stupid but you wouldn’t happen to have a controller plugged in do you?

    I was having the exact same problem because it was detecting my xbox controller which was plugged in at the time.

  • I had the same issue with a flight stick plugged in (and not calibrated properly, would always slowly turn me to the right)

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