Horrible disrespect towards new players.

  • I am one of those so called “fucking noobs” as you like to call me and other new players that have recently purchased this game. i have seen and been banned from many servers for things that are inherent to new players such as group combat damage and or tk. we have been verbally assaulted by this community in game yet when i go here i read a completely different story. they say they help us, i have only seen one in game chat where someone is teaching new players (it was a rude “pro tip noob”) to the contrary they tend to be insulting them and intentionally tking them along with banning them for “being noobs”.

    I know this will be deleted by admin and flamed to no end but i don’t care because im pissed at how i am being treated as a new player, i just want to say that this is the worst in game player base i have ever seen in my gaming experience. the forums have yet to yield any results.

    P.s. fun game tho

  • I’m treated that way everyday.

  • Well you are more likely to get advice from a classic duel server (FFA mode but it is 1v1 only, not the same as duel mode).

    Or ask here for help on something, people here will help if you aren’t whinging about something being OP or something.

    Feel free to ask for tips etc.

  • Best to stay out of the chat box as that’s usually the main reason for people to be kicked. Only use it to say sorry. Saying sorry severely reduces the chance you will be kicked if a kick comes against you.

  • If you could give some specific examples, that’d be great.

  • Stop votekicking people for feinting.

  • Just keep in mind that most people don’t have an infinite pool of patience, you know. Most noobs can’t tell they have hit a teammate and lots of them don’t think of saying sorry. My few experiences in the public servers have been awful. Team damage, no apologies, votekicking, constant whining, trolls, racism, etc. It was pretty terrible.

    If I were you, I’d stick to the low rank servers until you improve a little and stop doing so much team damage.
    You can join some clan servers too, or maybe duel servers and practice playing against more experienced guys. I’m sure many of them will provide tips and what not.

  • I see a fair amount of votekicks for TK aimed at total noobs. It’s a bit disheartening. I generally cancel the votes.

  • @dudeface:

    I see a fair amount of votekicks for TK aimed at total noobs. It’s a bit disheartening. I generally cancel the votes.

    If they are perceptive enough to see that they are being vote kicked, they should be perceptive enough to look up at the kill feed and see they’re team killing. Or at the very least learn that slashing/charging into group fights is the wrong thing to do.

    The genuine newbs and the newbs who just don’t give a fuck are few and far between.

  • Dudes should get votekicked only when the TK is intentional, if it was by mistake, then it was just a mistake. People gotta be patient and help them when they are not the ones who doesn’t give a fuck.

  • IIRC, the only thing I have been kicked for is when I join a server full of some low rank friends that have taken over the server. If you do accidentally TK, then just say sorry in chat, usually that’s all it takes. Also use less LMB and try to stab/oh more. Also press RMB or Q to cancel an attack if it is going to hit a team mate. You can also look down or away from a team mate to make it miss if it’s too late to cancel the attack.

  • I’d still rather not see them going “WTFFFF??? WHY AM I BEING KICKED?” after they team kill a couple of times. I refuse to believe that it is difficult to know when you’re team killing people, or doing dumb shit like the wrong sort of attacks in group fights that hit 3 team mates as well as the enemy. Maybe when a new tutorial comes around, they should drive into the players skull that there is FF in this game.

    If anything, it should be a good enough lesson for them not to team kill and only the most idiotic of players will crack the shits, come to the forum and cry over a single vote kick they had.

  • Well, it’s not a problem if you are a new player. You will be bad at the beginning, for sure. But there’s a difference between beeing new and beeing a complete retard…

    Most of those poor new players are stupid. It’s not hard to watch where you are slashing, but everyone is spamming, even if there’s no ennemies around. First tk, ok… Second, getting a little annoying… Third tk without a “sorry” ? Votekick or adminkick on my server.

    Be bad, but don’t be dumb please.

  • I’ve misread the vote. I thought it was “Has anyone else treat people this way”.

  • Me: “Hey randomscrub94, could you please use mouse wheel attacks around teammates? You’re hitting more friendlies than enemies!”

    Randomscrub94: “Fuck you fat cunt I’ll play however I like.”

    Me: “So you are going to keep spamming the LMB attack through your teammates?”

    Randomscrub94: “Yes.”

    We need more players, but not ones with attitudes like this.

  • I’ve noticed most players in Australia being very tolerant of new players TKing and stuff, the occasional, ‘please don’t LMB in team fights’ gets said. Rarely a rude high level player will get super angry, there is one that does often. He also says he has admin rights on the Aus Official servers and is incredibly rude. Within 5 mins of joining a server he had insulted 3 different people before threatening his admin powers.

    Unfortunately it is the few players like this that can give the community a bad name. Please don’t be like that (you know who you are).

  • Without directly naming this individual, can you give me an idea of who it is?

  • eq has turned their server into a newb friendly server. We are constantly asking if new players have questions, have opened up a teamspeak for them to talk/play with us, and are doing our best to make sure new players enjoy the game. We’ve been doing this for about 4 days now.

    So no I have not.

  • I would have voted but there was no option for “No Opinion”.

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