Lagging with really low ping

  • Until now I don’t get any lag on CMW, but then today, ennemy players just keep teleporting, almost all of my kill are just lucky for swinging around in the air hoping to hit my “invisible” ennemy. I checked my internet speed and here are the result :

    Any idea on how to fix ?

    PS : All other online game with other players do the same thing (CS GO, GM, etc…), even though I have been running them fine before.

  • can you chek in game if the FPS are normal (open the console with ’ and type: stat fps). Can you also try opening the command prompt (cmd) and typing ping then a direct server IP: there’s a couple in my sig.

  • My fps in game is around 40fps and 25 ms, in cmd it wont let me change ip.

  • can you try opening the command prompt and doing:

    ping -t

    and let it run for a couple of minutes when playing. Can you let me know if there are any lost packets?

  • How do we know if there are lost packets ? I’m not really good at these things.

  • 64 Mb/s you fucking asshole.

    You’re likely getting packet loss. Do a Google search on it and go from there. There’s a lot of things that could be causing it and there’s a lot of things you could potentially do to repair it.

    I can give an in-depth answer if you want though.

    1: Open up the command prompt. To do so hold down the Windows key (next to the left alt key) and press R. So Win + R. A small prompt box will come up. Inside this box type “cmd” and press Enter. A black command prompt box should pop up on your screen.

    2: Inside this command prompt, type exactly this without the quotes. “pathping”. Let this run until it is finished.

    3: Once it finishes, do it a few more times to get a larger set of data.

    4: Expand the prompt vertically all the way.

    5: Take a screenshot of your desktop. To do so press the Print Screen key. It will look like “Prt Scr” and it will be somewhere above your Backspace key. Once you press it nothing will happen, this is okay.

    6: Open up Paint. You should know how to do this I hope.

    7: Place your cursor inside the Paint canvas. Once your cursor is inside the canvas, press Ctrl + V. The picture of your desktop should pop up.

    8: Use the Paint tools to cover your IP address. This includes the IP of your computer and your router/modem. This is very important. If someone knows your IP address they can DDOS you which won’t be fun. I doubt anyone on this forum would do that, but just to be safe cover it up.

    9: Save the picture to your desktop or wherever you’d like to save it.

    10: Upload the picture to

    11: Link us the picture once it’s uploaded. We can then troubleshoot what you need to do.

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