"Failed to find required package" when loading custom map

  • Hey there.
    I’m the owner of the european server Dirty Mongrels.

    I often try to put on custom maps but 1/4 of the time, I and everybody who was on the server end up with this issue:
    “Failed to find required package name of the map”.

    This has of course deterred my will to put custom maps on the rotation.
    There’s indeed nothing more annoying than to see your server go from fullhouse to empty because of that issue.

    So my question is: What’s causing it? What can I do to solve it?

  • How are you running the custom maps on your server? Are you using the .txt file to list all the to-be-downloaded Workshop maps, using the commandline, or did you install them manually?

  • I’m using Simrai’s system of a Serverdownloadlist.txt file (where I put all the custom map links), after which I activate its Workshop tool.

  • The old location for on the edge was http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=249683187

    It looks like that’s now a dead link, with the current link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=275356082

    can you post the contents of your servers downloadlist file plz

  • Sorry, I have to double-post, since my other one is not yet approved.
    I’ve been trying to replicate the bug for the last 20 minutes, and I found it again. This time on map Corisca. ;)

    Gonna try to find and send you the server logs. Is there also a client log I should be aware of?

    EDIT: hmm…. Is it me or the server logs record almost nothing? They’re all pretty much empty.

    EDIT2: Here’s the relevant part of my client log:

    [4086.61] DevDlc: Updating DownloadSpeed 1.261541 20
    [4086.72] DevDlc: Updating DownloadSpeed 1.289347 20
    [4086.76] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager NewState DS_ExtractFiles
    [4086.76] DevDlc: ExtractWorkshopFileData for aocsdklevels_673fd5cf42d6447f4702e7a9fe4a30a4.cmwsdk
    [4086.86] DevDlc: MapPackages add aocto-kingsgarden_p
    [4086.88] DevDlc: ExtractWorkshopFileData for aocsdklevels_d668083443ee57f26cd2d885f13e7dce.cmwsdk
    [4088.06] DevDlc: MapPackages add aocduel-castleassault_p
    [4088.06] DevDlc: MapPackages add aocffa-castleassault_p
    [4088.06] DevDlc: MapPackages add aoclts-castleassault_p
    [4088.06] DevDlc: MapPackages add aoctd-castleassault_p
    [4088.06] DevDlc: MapPackages add aocto-castleassault
    [4088.06] DevDlc: MapPackages add aocto-castleassault_p
    [4088.26] DevDlc: ExtractWorkshopFileData for aocsdklevels_cbae35cf4d0019e02e711aa45587ca9c.cmwsdk
    [4089.00] DevDlc: MapPackages add aoclts-corisca_p
    [4089.04] DevDlc: MapPackages add aoctd-corisca_p
    [4089.08] DevDlc: MapPackages add aocto-corisca_p
    [4089.31] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager NewState DS_InstallFiles
    [4089.32] DevDlc: Found 6 package files
    [4089.32] DevDlc: Found 0 content files
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages AOCSDKLevels_CBAE35CF4D0019E02E711AA45587CA9C
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages SDKShaderCacheName: SDKShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages Package: AOCLTS-Corisca_p.udk
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages Package: AOCTD-Corisca_p.udk
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages Package: AOCTO-Corisca_p.udk
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages Package: AOCTO_Corisca.upk
    [4089.32] DevDlc: InstallPackages Package: SDKShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk
    [4089.59] DevDlc: Merging Shader …\UDKGame\CookedSDK\AOCSDKLevels_CBAE35CF4D0019E02E711AA45587CA9C\SDKShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk into LocalShaderCache
    [4089.59] DevDlc: InstallPackages Package: SDKShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.upk
    [4090.91] Log: Save=0.000000
    [4090.91] Log: Compressing ‘…\UDKGame\CookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3_save.tmp’ to ‘…\UDKGame\CookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk’
    [4092.42] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager NewState DS_Inactive
    [4092.43] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager ResetConnection
    [4092.43] Warning: Warning, UAOCDownloadableContentManager::SetState: State is already 0
    [4092.49] NetComeGo: Close IpNetDriverSteamworks_3 IpNetConnectionSteamworks_3 07/04/14 23:29:57
    [4092.50] Log: EndLocalClientAuth Session 0
    [4092.52] Log: Failed; returning to Entry
    [4092.52] Log: Flushing async loaders.

  • Hmm…. It’s been a few days. Maybe a mod could give some info, or the whole thread could be moved to bug report? Thanks.

  • Alright, so I dropped the log as requested almost two weeks ago. I’ve asked (nicely) for replies once since, and still got none.

    If you don’t give a f*ck, maybe you should say so, because talking to myself isn’t exactly fun, and I’d actually prefer some honesty to this silence.
    Now, I understand that you devs can be occupied, but a few words like “Seems new, we’re working on it.” (or whatever) wouldn’t require much of an effort on your part and yet would go a long way towards making this whole situation more tolerable for me and others like me.


  • This’ll probably sound stupid considering my experience with this error is fairly limited but I feel like you deserve at least some support.

    If only you are getting this error, it usually means you have leftover data from previous versions or whatnot. Unsubscribe to the workshop content and then delete the outdated .cmwsdk files.
    If everyone is getting this error, it usually means something went wrong after trying to validate the server files with the workshop.

    You say everyone is getting this error.
    In which case the only solution I can come up with is to delete all workshop content from your server and re-run the Workshop Tool.

    Steam Community goes down a lot lately. It sounds unlikely, but could that have to do with anything?

    Feel free to pm a developer/moderator.

  • I’ve created a vm with chiv, updloaded the custom maps above and connected without error, so it’s still gotta be something local to the system

  • I’m gonna try doing what you just said.
    But I’m writing this post to inform you that the issue just happened on loading Cove on an official server: “Official TO server NL [24p] - Multiplay #1”
    The server was almost full on Belmez beofre the map switch, and I just checked the server in the browser; There’s 1 dude on it atm. He’s probably still loading and going to get the issue in a bit.

    So this isn’t really exclusive to my server… and I’m ready to bet quite a big sum of money that it has happened a lot since custom maps (and the workshop) have been introduced without me being aware of it.

    (people who were on the server, including friends, confirmed to me that they had this issue too)

    Edit: I found the one person who remained on the server. Turns out he WAS playing the map. He didn’t have the issue.
    Here’s our conversation (which he allowed me to post) :

    Andimar: did you get the failed to find package bug?
    Andimar: when loading cove
    UKN | Monsteri: no, probably because i had downloaded it earlier
    Andimar: so you were the only person on the server? :p
    Andimar: I looked at the server in the browser after I got disconnected, and there was 1 person on it.
    Andimar: that was you? :P
    UKN | Monsteri: yepp
    UKN | Monsteri: everyone just abandoned one by one ;-;
    Andimar: the reason why I’m investigating is here: http://forums.tornbanner.com/showthread.php/20830-quot-Failed-to-find-required-package-quot-when-loading-custom-map
    Andimar: sorry to bother you, but I’ve got some more questions :D
    Andimar: by “no, probably because i had downloaded it earlier”, you mean you downloaded it from another server before? Or that you subscribed to the map on the workshop?
    UKN | Monsteri: another server but i have also subscribed
    UKN | Monsteri: subscribing didnt do jack shit
    Andimar: okay. because one problem I have is that despite subscribing to maps on the workshop, and even downloading the maps from a server, I always have to redownload them EVERY time.
    UKN | Monsteri: yep
    Andimar: on my own server, I put on King’s garden, I had to download it, we played it, and I restarted the map so we could have another go at it when the final objective was done. And that meant we all had to REdownload the map.
    Andimar: does that happen to you too? I guess so. :p
    UKN | Monsteri: yep
    UKN | Monsteri: it also re-installs the map every time
    UKN | Monsteri: but
    UKN | Monsteri: on some maps i dont have to redownload
    UKN | Monsteri: which is weird
    Andimar: yeah, same.
    Andimar: a few ones work.

  • Would like a fix asap, this shit is why no one is playing custom maps. Which is a shame indeed since a good deal of them are much, much better than most of the official maps and I like the change of scenery once in a while too. You make a mapping contest which is awesome, but then you don’t fix the critical bugs associated with custom maps. Then you decide to keep silent about the issues.

    Atrocious work.

  • It was basically what Rickvs said, since I have cleared the entire SDK maps folder and redownloaded the maps once and haven’t had the issue since.
    Beware though that the issue most certainly STILL EXISTS.
    To my knowledge, the only way to prevent it, is by cleaning a map’s entire folder on the server before installing its new version. Which is tiresome.

    So, thanks a lot Rickvs, it was really nice of you to help me.

    And of course, since Torn Banner still hasn’t taken 10 seconds to bring their arses over here and even utter a single freaking word in a freaking month, I feel like I have to tell you how I feel about you guys.

    I have a friend who told me a few weeks ago he disliked the way Chivalry’s community treated TB, that he was saddened by the way people treat them, that Torn Banner didn’t deserve so much hatred.
    I kind of agreed with him at the time, but the more I see the way you work (or, actually, don’t), the more I feel you deserve the loathing you get every day.
    I can’t wonder about the state of the forums anymore, you guys have the worst support I have ever witnessed.
    If only you were just incompetent, it would almost be acceptable, but you don’t even have the decency to aknowledge issues or at least to respond to the people who help you fix your own game.
    Now, I’m glad to see every bit of scorn people send at you these days.

    For fun:

  • This post is deleted!

  • why dont you copy all the links you have and remove them from the list… re-run the workshop tool, and then add them back, run the tool again.

    Also run the steam updater tool first i would say.

    When the map testing was going on, i added all 45+ of the maps to my server same way as you ( i use simrai as well ).

    It’s pretty straightforward.

    Then, just make sure in the udkgame.ini file on the server, you have the correct mapnames in there, if the names are wrong, the server won’t find them becuase it will be looking for something that’s not there. Ensure you have the names right. You can check the individual workshop pages and MOST of them have the names listed there.

    P.S: for the map names, you don’t need the .udk at the end. Just stop at _p in the mapname.

  • Hi, I had posted this and it’s definitely this same issue reported here. I posted my full log in that thread so a mod or dev can check into this issue.

    The server restarts and tries to transition to maps that had been playable just fine moments before, so it’s pretty damn annoying for stability issues.

    What would happen if you removed the sdkfileids from your startup parameters, and simply added the custom maps in the rotation? (already downloaded and up to date in the CookedSDK folders).
    Maybe without that versioning-match up with Steam’s Workshop could help us rid of this problem

    Could you please give us some answer? This is a pretty major problem.

  • @Alphonse:

    What would happen if you removed the sdkfileids from your startup parameters, and simply added the custom maps in the rotation? (already downloaded and up to date in the CookedSDK folders).
    Maybe without that versioning-match up with Steam’s Workshop could help us rid of this problem

    Worth testing that idea out.

  • My host informed me that their datacenter had been DDoS attacked, and that could have caused issues like this (failed to check integrity due to connectivity issues) and also cause the server to disappear from the ingame server browser.
    But I don’t trust them too much, and the old DDoS excuse seems likely to be the case. Or maybe not (it’s housed in a major datacenter), idk.

    Another approach would be having a fail-safe map to land in case there’s some weird SDK issue, instead of kicking everyone. You lose players otherwise.

    1. Have the server check in advance if the maps are available.

    If the check fails due to this weird issue:

    • queue in the fail-safe map OR next map in Chiv’s built-in maplist in the rotation (if existent).
    • idea: a little console notification would be great too, for admins, you know. they can know the precise moment when this issue occurs and report it to their hosts in case it’s not a Chiv’s code error :P

    2. Remove the problematic SDK maps (maybe all of them) from the server rotation.

    3. After 3-4 rotation cycles, check the problematic SDK maps again.

    If the check OK’s, re-add them to the rotation.
    If the check fails, queue in the fail-safe map OR next map in Chiv’s built-in maplist in the rotation (if existent).

    4. Repeat.

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