Shaping our Community

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    Hey guys,

    As our dreams come closer to being realized and we pursue this commerical venture in earnest with events such as PAX and other marketing events, we want our community to be a supportive, creative and useful feedback tool that enables us to create the best product for our fans. We want to encourage a mature atmosphere where fans and players of the game come to discuss the game and interact with each other and the developers.

    In light of this, non-constructive, aggressive or offensive posts will be addressed accordingly. Please do your part as a fan of the game to encourage this atmoshpere so intelligent and creative discussion to better the game can occur. Remember that as a community, you represent us and are critical to our success. We look forward to seeing the community expand in numbers and excitement as we approach release and will do our best to create the game we all desire, but we need your help. There is plenty of blood be spilt on the battlefield.

  • What i saw untill now is awesome! I think the players should have something like a luck factor that influence the chance chop one of the of limbs like head,arms and legs. The luck chance should increase as player score more kills in row without diyng, and i say that because this is the coolest thing to make the brutal players to feel like a true warrior !
    I want to apologize for my weak english but i love u guys, without you my pc game life would be empty!

  • Me, as well as the most members of Team VOID play this game for several years now. It became more than just a game for us. Thanks to Age of Chivalry we have our team. We also track all the news of Medival Warfare and are waiting for pre-order!

  • you might have different plans, but I strongly recommend you copy unknown worlds in letting people preorder during beta. Whether this gives them the game early, or if the beta is free anyway, gives them other goodies, or simply keeps the game unlocked after it’s fully released, I don’t know. But yes, let us preorder during beta so that we can support you financially before the final release.

  • Yeah good idea Ironclaw.
    Btw are you ironsoul on the NS2’s forum? you answered to one of my post on it. :D

  • yes, i am ironsoul on ns2 forums. blue in game.

    I play on saturdays only, so yeah. Back on topic now. send me personal messages to deviate further from the topic at hand.

  • I’m with Ironclaw in that I love Open Development. For example, Overgrowth hasn’t even begun to develop the actual singleplayer campaign but it still makes me giddy just to play with what they’ve made. I hope that you open pre-orders early, and let us in fairly early, too.

  • From the old kingdom of Spain, =RR= are waiting patiently to shore again in the magic worlds of Agatha.

    You can be sure that we will do a pre-order!

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