Change player loadout

  • I’ve been looking into a couple of ways to do this, but I’ve seem to run into an issue here.

    **I want to change the player’s secondary only by using Kismet.

    There are a few Kismet nodes that let you change the player’s weapons, but they either force you to change “family”(class) as well, or only add 1 weapon, completely ignoring the secondary and tertiary slot and overwriting the primary slot.

    There is 1 particular action, I don’t recall the exact name(probably Change Pawn Weapons or something) that lets you choose which slots to overwrite. This one is also used in Horde mode but alas, only seems to work in TO2. I want it to work in FFA.
    I’m creating a Gladiator/Hunger Games themed map(find a weapon and either fight or look for a better one) and it would seem rather strange to pick up a bow and losing your melee weapon in the process.

    So, how can I change a player’s secondary in FFA with Kismet?

  • Bump ~ I really can’t work around this.

  • i had a lot of trouble with change pawn load out. unfortunately you cant give an archer a maul or three sabers. it has to be a class weapon and at the correct “location” (longbow, saber, firearrow => yay; saber, xbow, shortbow => nope; maul, 2H, messer => NO)

    So the only solution i see is using TO2 that should be flexible enough: Make your own mode :)

    btw i like the hunger games idea

  • Yeah, I feared as much.

    The plan I’m going with for now is to make the map in TO2, and to avoid team-related flinch issues and such I’ll force-change class from every player to FFA-Vanguard or something when the match starts.
    Don’t get your hopes up about the hunger games map, so far there’s little reason to go exploring. :\

    Another quick question if you don’t mind: I haven’t found an action in Kismet to change a player’s ammo to a precise amount. Any way to give a player a crossbow with only 5 bolts?

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