How to tell what map you're currently playing on

  • Developer

    A lot of people have been asking how they’re supposed to know what map you’re currently playing on. Just open your console (default key `) and then type getserverrotation. The result will possibly be an incredibly long list, in which case you may need to scroll the console with pageup / pagedown until you can see the map that has an arrow pointing at it. And there you go!

    The new ui will have it on the scoreboard, but use this in the mean time.

  • You can also type stat levels into console and the name of the level will be displayed on the upper left corner.

  • I noticed that My map appears 2 times, 1 (the good map) its Reconquest.

    The wrong map wich is in the list (the wrong): Castlecliff.

    I sended a message to Andrew about this.


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