Most AUS official servers are down

  • most official AUS servers are down/not showing up in the server browser or on sites like Game Monitor either (for a few days now).

    there is one FFA server and some Horde Town servers.

    we are stuck with the horrible servers. pls halp.

  • Don’t play on VIC servers. They aren’t in Victoria but in Antarctica.

    Play on the NSW ones.

    Australian official servers have been off and on for the past 2 weeks. Really strange. And its just the Australian official ones. Not that I’m complaining the packet loss is stupendous on the 32 player ones.

  • it’s happening again…

    just a low rank server and a horde server up

  • Shh don’t tell them.

    The main issue is TO. You can have TO with 32 players. Its the hole reason why official servers are 24 players.

    But you can do 50 slot free for all or something absolutely fine everyone under 100 ping.

  • are they coming back? or are we stuck with low rank and horde servers?

  • Checking this now

  • They are back up. He last complained on the 19th. They came back up on the 21st.

    They were down for a good two weeks though. Not that I’m complaining.

    What causes this btw. As most our servers all seem to go for no reason whatsoever until I manually (not automatically) restart them. Some never go down.

    And they are still running too. They just don’t appear on the server browser.

    Happens with official servers too. They will go down. But for way longer periods of time as I always seem to forget to tell you guys.

  • when they don’t appear on the browser can you still manually connect to them?

  • all the official TO/LTS/FFA/Classic servers have been down since the hotfix.

  • They’ve been restarted now. Lemme know if you can see and connect to them (I was able to).

  • I can’t see them in game or in the steam server browser.

    edit: theyre back up now

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