Hello just brought the game !

  • I brought the game from your website from you, And when i had downloaded the gamestop app, and then clicked install, it redirected me to steam ? I did not buy from steam so a little confused . well anyway i added the key, and it now has a chivalry pre order steam icon on my desktop ?

    yet your website says under 58 mins till launch ? yet i cant download the dam game :( very dissapointed indeed to be honest and to make it even more strange when i typed chivalry medievil warfare into steam game search it is not even on the site so how am i going to get to download for launch or even get to play what i paid for when steam dont even have the pre load. Annoyed lol

  • Anybody ??

  • ??? bump

  • Unfortunately Valve was busy with a lot of upcoming releases and didn’t have the time to do a preload for Chivalry. When the game goes live and the store page goes up you’ll be able to download it immediately, though.

  • You can’t pre-load the game, sorry.
    But it will be launched in 36 minutes.

  • So in 36 mins or so i can download through steam ? Hope i dont have to wait a few days for steam to sort that out ! I brought a 4 pack so there is a few of my friends eaglery waiting to play this epic and awesome looking game.

    Great job by the way, Wish you all the best with this game i am sure a good fanbase will build for this game it looks like it will be like taking part in some epic battles :) .

    A quick edit : Will players be able to mod some time in the future ? like creating there own maps and other things ?

  • What size is the game, if anyone knows?

  • @atc1986:

    What size is the game, if anyone knows?

    3 GB

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