Launcher Never Finishes Updating Workshop Files

  • Hi guys! Happy 5th of July!

    I recently learned about the Horde game mode that is available via the Steam Workshop. I subscribed to the maps, launched the game and found that the maps I downloaded were never available. A few other users were posting similar results, but no one seemed to have a solution.

    After some heavy searching and basic troubleshooting, I learned that the Chivalry launcher has a fancy button in the bottom-right corner that says “Click to download subscribed Steam Workshop items”. Success!..except when I pressed that button, it says that it’s “Updating Workshop files…” for a few hours straight, until I relaunch the launcher and we’re back to the “Click to download…” button.

    When I watch Task Manager with the “Updating Workshop files…” status, I can see that the WorkshopUserTool.exe is running, using one CPU core, but never causing any network activity. When I see this process and attempt to close the Launcher, it warns me that the Steam content is still downloading. There’s a Status field on this popup, which is completely blank. Clicking the button in the bottom-right corner again will cause a duplicate WorkshopUserTool process to run.

    Strangely, if I close out of the launcher and try again, the WorkshopUserTool process will never run and we’re again stuck with “Updating Workshop files…”.

    I’ve since tested after verifying files in Steam, removed the game via Steam, deleted the remaining Chivalry folder in SteamApps, and deleted the Chivalry folders in the Documents folder. Downloaded a fresh copy and tested again: Same results.

    The last hunch I have is that I have a SSD and my Steam library and application lives on a secondary HDD. It may be possible that the WorkshopUserTool can’t find the Chivalry folder because it lives on another drive other than C:. So I’ve tested creating a SteamApps folder on the C:, hoping it may be something as simple as a drive letter issue…no dice. Same issue.

    So! Good people of Torn Banner and community, I’ve turned to you in hopes that we might solve this very silly issue so I can have it working in time for Quakecon in 2 weeks! :pride: Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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