Idea to help lessen confusion for new players.

  • I’d say give this a shot, I’d like to see it tweaked though. Kind of like in FPS games, when you hover over the player, it points out to you that they’re on your team…So that the markers don’t flood your screen with hud and make things like archer difficult to play.

  • Just more screen clutter. No thanks.

  • @Flippy:

    Just more screen clutter. No thanks.

    Still wouldn’t be as bad as BF4’s screen clutter.

  • Ick. That’s as bad as planetside 2.

  • i know why i prefer Red Orchestra 2 over the battlefield series… and i think its better to play^^

  • Insurgency has a nice system for identifying team mates. Very little clutter on the screen.

  • i had it enabled on my server for a bit… some people liked it and some didn’t. Also… if you’re on the defending team… peasants have icons above them :/

    it can be pretty annoying in games like stoneshill first objective… the markers look pretty hectic.

    i liked them, but i’m pretty sure that’s why i disabled them on the server.

  • It is not more “screen clutter” assuming it will be toggle-able.

    Which is stated in the OP explicitly.

    Please read before you post meaningless things.

  • @dudeface:

    Kishido server in Japan has markers above all your teammates. It’s kinda neat. Not sure how they achieved that.

    yeah its great for encouraging teamwork because players will naturally gravitate towards the teammate markers

  • @zombojoe:

    players will naturally gravitate towards the teammate markers

    You know what happens when the noobs gravitate toward you, right? Clusterfucks happen, and lmbspam begins.

  • I think that adding markers for all team mates is a bit much to be honest. Even with 3-5 friends on one team and things get a bit crazy and I need to keep turning the HUD on and off again. On big open maps like Battlegrounds or medium maps like Dark Forest, you would have markers everywhere as you can see a whole lot of the battlefield.

    I can only see these markers helping the newer players, but it still won’t teach them to drag away from the marker unless it eventually gets incorporated into the tutorial. And with everyone running around and how fast paced this game can be, there will be little markers everywhere.

    But to me I think newer players will just need to learn to differentiate between factions (like we all did), as well as learning to drag away from team mates if you are about to hit them and to primarily stab and overhead in cluster fights.

  • Add the ability to change the size of markers.

  • Mindless teamkilling happens far more than misidentification.

  • Yep.

    While the variety of customization doesn’t help, I think the problem lies with people just not giving a shit when it comes to team mates.

    If the tutorial ever gets redone, there should be a section where they drill the player into making sure that know that stabbing and overheading is best used when team mates are close by. Add in some Clockwerk Orange Ultra Violence style teaching method and you’re golden.

  • how about remake the entire tutorial since its so broken atm

  • @zombojoe:

    how about remake the entire tutorial since its so broken atm

    No, that would be the smart thing to do.

  • Add in some Clockwerk Orange Ultra Violence style teaching method and you’re golden.

    The player gets smacked with a large penis statue every time they hit a teammate.

  • I just went through the tutorial again. I don’t really see that much of a problem with it. It teaches all the basics you need to jump right into the game while being fully interactive.

    The only issues that happen are some bugs and tutorials like these are generally long anyway.

    Here’s a list of what the tutorial teaches:

    First how to time your parry, since you cannot turn or move. Also that successful parries drain stamina.
    Then, how to aim your parry, by keeping your sights on the tip of the weapon.
    How to slash, stab, and overhead, and the basic strengths of stabbing and overheading.
    It teaches you that missing attacks drain stamina.
    It teaches you how to kick (not fast or slow since that was a new addition).
    Teaches you how you can use a kick to get past a block.
    Teaches you that you can get past a block by attacking your opponent’s sides.
    It teaches you about spacing (getting your opponent to whiff an attack and capitalize on it)
    It teaches you about combos
    It teaches you about basic trickery, such as feinting and purposefully whiffing your first attack.
    It teaches you about each class and their abilities.
    It teaches you about siege weapons and objective markers.
    It teaches you that Agatha wears blue, and Mason wears red, which is obviously a red vs blue team game, and even makes you fight some mason thugs.
    It teaches you about TAB for scoreboard
    It teaches you about how to battlecry.

    The only thing it doesn’t really teach you DIRECTLY is that you are able to use feinting defensively (FtP and CFtP), and how to FULLY abuse the real-time strikes system. A player will catch on that they are able to move their weapon mid-swing in the tutorial though, especially during the part where they have to hit around the dude’s block.

    The only thing I actually have a problem with is that it doesn’t mention anything about ripostes. And differing between both kicks.

  • @DokB:

    No, that would be the smart thing to do.

    aww shucks

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