Deadliest Warrior disapeared from my Steam account

  • Bought it some time ago, played it, enjoyed it. A while ago decided to reinstall it, and now launcher button for DW says “Buy it now”, not “Launch it”. Checked store page - no “You already own this game” panel.
    Steam transaction history does list this purchase as a gift, but somehow doesn’t list nor activation nor gift transactions, and there’s no gift in my inventory in case there was any kind of resetting.
    Any chance of getting the game back?

  • I noticed its gone from my steam as well… not that I mind.

  • Is the executable for DW there? (usually in \Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\CDW\Binaries)

    If you right click on chivalry in steam and properties, then select the DLC tab, what do you listed there and what is ticked?

    If DW is there, can you untick it, restart steam, then tick it and restart steam again

  • Nope, there are no DW files in game directory, no DW in Steam’s DLC tab, no DW in my account’s games list. Just like it never was there.

  • So, who should I contact to get DW back?

  • Anyone? I tried Steam Support but they gave me nothing too.

  • Still got no deadliest warrior?

    Steam support should actually Give you at back. But steam support in my experience is even worse than EA support.

    If you show proof of purchase to them and say that you don’t have the game that it disappeared they are pretty much obliged to give you the game back. But they are known to be rather lazy.

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