I bought the game before i made an account What do i do? HELP ME PLZ

  • Basicly i got the game, and i didnt have an account when i got it, it says “you will get a code, in your email” check my email no code, so i am freaking out right now. please help

  • I got an activation code, but how do i use it?

  • first i would check where you got the game from. If you purchased it from steam and it actually processed, it should be in your library under your steam account.

    If you bought it elsewhere, i’d go back to that side and login. Most if not all of these sites i’ve been to have an account that you log in with, and you can check your order history and get any keys associated with your purchase… at least any reputable ones do.

    If you checked out as a guest or something of the like, i would check your bank statement to see whether the purchase actually went through or not. Then i’d check the spam folder of your email and see if it ended up there.

    All else fails, contact the place you got it from via their contact info… email/phone what have you. If all else fails and you DID get charged on your bank statement, cannot find any keys on their site via loggin in or your email… AND cannot contact them, i would contact your credit cards fraud protection and report unauthorized transaction and state you never recieved what you paid for (as a last resort)

  • OK TURNS OUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS REMEMBER I DONT HAVE STEAM I BOUGHT THE GAME ON THE SITE, i have been trying to figure out where the code is to get the game and all this i cant find anything anywhere, just help me please, the game looks awesome and amazing but, the site needs some work, i cant find where to sign in or anything, just please help me get the game i think i got my code but i dont know for sure, i don’t think i did. please help

  • @Brycerox:

    I got an activation code, but how do i use it?

    Download and install the Steam client:

    After you’ve made an account and signed in to the program, go to the Games menu up top and select “Activate a product on steam”. Enter your code there, and it will be tied to your steam account. You can then install the game through steam.

  • I bought it before i made the account, witch means it didnt send the code, i cant find where to sign in or anything so i may have to ditch the game sadly unless i can get some help asap… witch sucks so much.

  • Hey if i am spaming its because i cant see the other messages i sent so yeah, but i did it as a “guest” so i didnt have the account how do i sign in? just i need general help with this, the site needs to be more user friend imo, so yeah, i may have to use the last resort…

  • @Brycerox:

    “you will get a code, in your email” check my email no code

    Obvious question here, but you’re absolutely certain that you entered the email address you’re checking now?
    Typo maybe? If you did enter the correct email address, Clay’s got the advice you need. You can’t go wrong here.

  • What site did you buy it off? What is “the site”?

  • It’s a steam game… it’s only available on steam. Sure you can buy keys elsewhere, but everything points you back to steam.

    TLDR: you need steam.

    and yeah what site did you buy it off of? please don’t say craigslist lmao

    sike what site? if you got it from some site follow my advice. If you don’t have steam get steam.

  • you know what? maybe he means he bought it off tornbanner.com :-O

    i forgot they sold it on THIS SITE lol.

    in which he probably made a forum account cuz tb didn’t respond to him.

    He said… when will i get my key?

    they said “soon”

    if this is the case Bryce, there’s a contact area where you could send them an email. Or maybe message one of the devs, i’m sure they could check whether you bought the game or not off their site, i would hope.

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