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  • Hey TB

    It seems that a large portion of the community has alot of questions that are being left unaswered. I assume that Torn Banner is currently busy with the map competition and the UI update but I do think that there could be 10 minutes spent putting a quick Q&A together to adress some questions the community has.

    Basically the best format would to be have a live stream where your Community Manager ( preferrably an attractive woman) would collect questions from the community.

    The makers of Warframe (DE) use this format of keeping in touch with their community.

    The link below will show you how its done.

    As you can see it doesn’t need alot of preparation and would be realy good for selreflection and the actualy thought process you follow in each and every decision. They follow a bi-weekly schedule and only takes 1 hour.

    I honestly think you guys can make this happen and that the benefits for that 1 hour of “investment” would realy pay off.

    If you want people to be constructive you need to have a face as a company in order for people to connect to you as a human being instead of mods trying to enforce the rules as much as they can.

    Its never a good idea to go into hiding when people ask urgent questions.

    Anyways this a honest attempt to get a reaction from TB on the matter. I don’t expect this to get locked or get an infraction for what ever reason. If there are people breaking the rules in their reply’s then there is no need to lock the whole thread. Just delete the comments instead.


  • “Its never a good idea to go into hiding when people ask urgent questions.”

    I think that what you say is true man. They need to talk to people!

  • Starting to feel like Deja Vu. I remember they came back, brought out Elite Knight skins, started talking to the community heaps again. They said they were too nervous to talk to a large community and how to approach it etc etc. Strange. I can’t think of why they would be way more active in the community again all of a sudden. Unless. It… Was because the Elite Knight skins would make them more money. $$$$$

    Bring out more skins and answer some questions torny one kinobi. You’re our only hope.

    #Cash #Money #Skins #Bitches

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