Are super fanboi's a Good thing?

  • Imo Super fans are really quite bad for gaming. On the Steam forums watching them respond to every single
    post by another gamer with such zest can be disturbing even for Fans of the game who have objectivity.
    I put it to the community Super fans are by themselves a form of troll who can in fact drive away players.
    As well as the steam forums being moderated against bad posts lately with thanks to the New moderators,
    Imo It would also be nice to see this super fan type of animal sometimes be moderated also to show the
    gaming community of steam esp ( as that is were the majority are ) that our forums on steam have
    balance and equal concerns in both directions of discussions and are not blinkered in a simplex view.

  • They are probably better for the game than the opposite.

    What’s your definition of a super fanboi, as you have labelled me as one before. I have my issues with the game too you know.

  • The Fan 1996 with De niro was very good.

  • Is your middle name ambiguous Loin? Or do you just not know how to respond?

  • This looked good about a complainer.

  • Yes, I would say that in my opinion they are.

  • Super fanboi’s what?

  • I sometimes drift into other communities on steam. When you not part of a games fan base these fanboi’s really stick out.
    Fans of the games are ok with objective views and many veterans have demonstrated so on steam by infact agreeing
    with an occasional post by a new player. The line in the sand has to be I’d guess at least 40 hours play time. For
    credibility of post in regards to Chivalry imo.

  • I think it would be more positive to call new players Pages and Squires in stead of this old noob, newbie, rookie.
    After all its a medieval game and if a new player is referred to as a Page or Squire it sends out a positive msg.
    Some actually like to be called a Squire as in Knight in training.

    These old words are really out of some old fps shooters such as Quakenoob or noot and don’t fit into medieval
    descriptions. Let the Squire festival begin from this day, make the Pages so tbh.

  • brave sir knight of loin

  • @zombojoe:

    brave sir knight of loin

    You are no longer a Squire Sir Zombojoe I dubb thee Knight. Pages and Squires will sing of your Quests in the Minstrels court.

  • The world has gone mad tbh , this is Two threads merged into One?

  • No you’re just so erratic you managed to derail your own thread.

    Did you mean to post that naming convention thing as its own thread?

  • It was created on its own the rest are replies. Somehow they got merged into one thread.

  • Nah bruh, I saw when you first wrote it–it was a reply here.

  • perhaps its possible tbh

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