Markers floating all over the place

  • I have 3 monitors and it all works fine, except the objective and friend markers are floating all over the place and never showing up where they are supposed to be, this is very annoying. It all works fine if i set normal resolution like 19201080 but as soon as i use my Eyefinity resolution at 57601080 it messes up.

    Also as a side note the fov slider is messed up when u have 3 monitors, i have to put it to around 70 to make it look like the default 105 for the middle monitor.

  • stuck friend markers also happen to me with one monitor. seems to just happen on the new maps, particularly King’s Garden. there doesn’t appear to be a way to get rid of them besides exiting the game.

  • It’s been happening even on maps like Hillside 3rd objective for ages, on 1 monitor.
    I can’t remember if it happened before the UI patch too.

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