Why do my peasants cause -10 objective points?

  • Hello. I have peasants in my map.
    I have them hooked up to a objective points kismet object.

    It is supposed to give points to whoever kills the peasant, but for some reason it takes away 10 points.

    I have tried the “eopc minor” (or whatever its called) && the “eopc custom”.
    It made no difference and both of them still gave me -10 objective points.

    I am sure this is a simple fix and someone else has already figured out why this is happening.
    I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I would say you need to change who the peasants belong to. If they belong to nobody, it’ll probably be -10 no matter who kills them.

  • They belong to Mason and Agatha has to kill them.

    Seems weird for Agatha to do that, but religious people be crazy.

  • Still looking for help on this. No one else has had a similar problem?

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