Unable to buy from the in-game store

  • My friend is able to yet I am not?

    Whenever I go to proceed to checkout, it says “Unable to connect to servers”

    I tried yesterday, waited 10 minutes, then waited 24 hours and still nothing.

    I have also tried verifying the game content, and still nothing.

  • I am also experiencing the same problem have been sine I got the game 2 weeks ago and am getting really annoyed now.

  • Developer

    Sorry to hear you two are having issues.

    Can you please reply with your steam ID or PM me your steam ID. I can see if there is a problem on our end.

    If you could also email me your chivalry log file to contact@tornbanner.com, subject line Kevin, I can see if there is something odd happening from the game side.

    To find your log file go to your ‘My Games’ folder that steam has set up…the default location is MyDocuments\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\logs\Launch.log

    Be sure to try to purchase an item and then send me that log file.

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