Little contest

  • So, I was thinking. (Rare occasion)
    Almost everyone here would like a beta key
    Some try asking (but begging for it usually doesn’t work D:)
    Some are too cool to ask

    But the end result is usually the same: No key :(. So I figured I’d create a legitimate opportunity to beg for a key: A contest of reasoning. Give the devs a good reason for giving you in particular a beta key. If your reason is serious with proper argumentation or silly or epic doesn’t matter, just post your reason. :)

    I’ll start it off:

    The C:MW beta has two big brawls scheduled. First the drunken sailors commonly called pirates will go up against the devious and sneaky ninjas. Then the sturdy vikings will fight the honorable and very lethal knights. The problem here is: They, being tired of such unhonorable slaughterfests, have agreed to leave their weapons home and only use their fists.
    They only trust me as a referee, since I am unbiased (To make sure they don’t bring any weapons and don’t attack any spectators)
    If I don’t show up, some of them might bring weapons and the fight would be unfair. So they have postponed their brawls. Which is a shame, since a lot of people are really looking forward to finally seeing which group is better than the other.

    Greatly honored and chivalrous developers, the fate of an epic brawl rests on you… Give me a beta key, and you would not only have the gratitude of me, the vikings, the knights, the pirates and the ninjas, but also of all those who would come spectate the fight (Half the internet).
    You**, yes you, reading this thread right know, know you want it too. Go on, post your reason, nobody will mind.
    Of course, noone is obliged to do anything here, so it might be in vain, but who knows… Maybe a drunk dev will slip you a key :D … or ban me for bringing along such a lame idea. :jlaff:

  • Drogue is bad.

  • I actually want in beta as well… That’s why were working so hard to get the game into a beta state!

    :D hehe

    People who post constructive and thoughtful posts are always on my good side. (people can absolutely disagree with each other and still be constructive)


  • I have been Beta testing games foir the past 7 years now. I cant wait till theres a chance for beta testing.

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