Contest Winners collaborate and make a map.

  • Bit of a random idea, but I was thinking that the 3 mapping contest winners should come together and make one awesome map after the contest is over.

    What would you all like to see get made by the 3 big hitters (whoever they may be)?

    Post your thoughts! :)

  • Great idea :D

    I like to see 3-4 maps telling one story about the adventures of some Agathian heroes moving/fighting against barbarians, masons etc…. The others have to play the enemys.

    • Heroes get the more powerful weapons or have more health.
    • There should be a hero/enemy ratio: maybe 1:2. e.g. 4 heroes vs 8 enemy players.
    • heroes have limited lifes
    • enemys unlimited lifes
    • at the end of the map heroes could buy new weapons for the next map

    Ha for this stuff we would need more than 3 guys: mappers, kismet pros, 3d artists, storywriter, audio guy… :D

  • Having too many people working on one project is a bad idea. It would only work if it was split between a limited number of people and each had their own predefined remit. Remember that some of these entries have teams of people working on them.

  • Haha, as I said, random idea, not really any thought put into it.

    I just like the idea of having talented map makers collaborating on one or several awesome chivalry maps. In my personal experience, collaboration online with unpaid people just does not work, people have day jobs and other commitments, so unless the group were paid to do it, I doubt it’d happen, but still makes me curious, as I have some projects I would like to do, that are fairly large and ambitious, and would bring something completely new to the table with Chivalry. But unless I won or was hired professionally, I wouldn’t do it as I have my own game development work to do.

  • It would work if there was some sort of “multiplayer unreal development kit” where three mappers could work at the same time, but that is just crazy :D

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