Chivalry MW/DW Game Server Hosting

  • Greetings Chivalry fans,

    Our ordering area available on our website! Get a Chivalry: Medieval Warfare game server today!

    We also support the Deadliest Warrior expansion! Get a Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior game server!

    Current Features:
    BFS-GameCP (Send commands to your server)
    Web Based File Manager (FTP Access)
    24/7 Bluefang Customer Support (live chat, email, ts3)
    24/7 Server Monitoring (All servers restart if they go down!)

    Current Locations:
    Philadelphia, PA
    New York, NY
    Dallas, TX
    Los Angeles, CA
    Chicago, IL
    London, UK
    Frankfurt, Germany

    Check out our reviews at we are the #1 hosting company listed on at

    Thanks guys

  • Thank you for hosting the Vanquish server! The sign up process was a breeze and you had our server up and running within the hour. Excellent service so far!

    If anyone is looking for a server provider check these guys out! Tell them team Vanquish sent you!

  • We have re-evaluated the resource consumption of Chivalry and have determined we can charge less! That’s right we have officially set our prices to $0.75/slot! We feel that this price is fair for both parties. If you notice by checking out our website and comparing to other server hosts, we price our games drastically lower than the rest. Why? Because we believe in being fair to the consumer and giving you the most bang for your buck! The economy is tough right now, why pay so much for server hosting? Choose Bluefang.

    *Current clients will have their slots increased to match the new pricing structure.

    Ready to order? Head to the website by clicking the link in my signature!

    Still not sure? Click on the “Inquire about a Chivalry Server” link!



  • Really amazing price, I just wish you’d have a setup in your Germany datacentre, heh.

  • @Martin:

    Really amazing price, I just wish you’d have a setup in your Germany datacentre, heh.

    We are looking into opening up Europe for Chivalry hosting as we have had quite a few requests. Thank you for your interest Martin :). Tell you what, I will evaluate where we stand in terms of EU locations and possibly another machine over there and get back to you via PM.

  • I’ve been using BlueFang for about 4 months for everything from dods/warband and now chivalry and i can tell you,they are the best as far as price/support and performance, i have rolled with many providers for many games since 2005 and am damn glad BlueFang came along.

  • Thanks dirtyjob! On another note we now officially support 64 slot servers. We suggest running LTS on servers 50 slots and up as LTS is the most stable game mode to host.

  • Going to give you guys a try out today :), I’ll post back here hopefully soon with a positive review!

  • Team Vanquish has been using Bluefang since release day, running a 40 player mixed rotation server. And I have to say this has been one of the most pleasant renting experiences I have had to date. The server runs great with no noticeable increase in lag when the server fills up, and besides the common problems with the game/steam we haven’t experienced any issues. The support team is incredibly friendly and quick with all their responses, and offer a variety of ways to contact them (website live chat, support tickets, and even through steam friends.) That is probably the high point of renting from these guys, they add you on steam. They are really easy to get a hold of, and even love to play Chivalry. It’s all about relationships and these guys provide a great one.

    While they are small, and you won’t get as many bells and whistles when it comes to things like and online control panel; you do get ftp access, basic start/stop commands, great support, and a very stable server. At the price these guys are offering it’s a steal!

  • The servers you guys have up have awesome ping, I’ll be looking at getting a 64 player from you soon.

  • I must say that playing on your maxed out 64 slot and 48 slot team objective servers has been awesome. With so many people in there I think I have ranked up 6 times in the last 2 days :D .

    All I can say is that I have had so much fun on your servers and can vouch that they run better then most if not all that I have played on. Thank you for setting up such great community servers.

  • This is Ekeh Mayu in-game, making a shout out.

    BFS otherwise known as, Blue Fan Solutions has the best server in Chivalry - bar none.
    Everyone know’s that the higher player server’s in the medieval game’s make the game, and here they have a niche with 64 player server’s.
    The company is competitive, as to basing cost to consumption.
    I haven’t felt the true grip of Chivalry until I joined their server. Try it out.

    Also, to make a shout out to new joinee’s of BFS, press f10 in-game to say hi to me.

  • Thanks for the honest feedback guys! We appreciate the compliments. We also love playing with all you guys in-game! Glad to give the community a fun 64 player server. It’s all about the madness and chaos! Haha.

    On another note, we have released a new version of our GameCP that adds Stop/Start commands. We have Command Line features coming as well as reporting Maxplayers in your server!

    Stay tuned for more updates as we polish this control panel for everyone :)

    Want to try us out? Hit the links in my signature.



  • I’m using Blue Fang and I must say I’m Impressed. The price is amazing and there support goes above and beyond. Now they have a cp that I can stop/start the server when I want to make changes to the settings. Thanks for the 110% Blue Fang.

  • Legion is proud to have BlueFangSolutions host our server. They have been a great help in the process and are available to chat over their site and steam. I’ve had a ton of questions renting for the first time and they have been incredibly helpful and patient.

    Can’t beat the price either.

    Win-Win go with BlueFang!

  • Hey everyone,

    We now support Chivalry in Europe!

    Head to the order page if you are interested!



  • Hi Blue Fang,

    I have been playing on the chivalry game server (Team Objective) in Düsseldorf, Germany. It has been great and fills up fast! Thanks for adding a community 64 Slot in Europe.

    Just a quick question,
    Are you planning on adding other locations in Europe. Like Spain, France or the UK?


  • @wisesifu:

    Hi Blue Fang,

    I have been playing on the chivalry game server (Team Objective) in Düsseldorf, Germany. It has been great and fills up fast! Thanks for adding a community 64 Slot in Europe.

    Just a quick question,
    Are you planning on adding other locations in Europe. Like Spain, France or the UK?


    Hi wisesifu,

    Glad to know you are enjoying the community servers. We plan to expand into the UK and France in the coming months. It all depends on customer desires. If there is a large demand for those locations we will commit to getting them for you so do not hesitate to let us know!



  • Our Los Angeles, California location is now up and running and ready to be ordered! Is this what you have been waiting for?! If so, head to our shopping area to get your west coast location today!

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  • I had been looking for a while for reliable game server hosting for chivalry. I have tested many and tried a lot of services. was bar-non the easiest process and best support to date. I jumped on their website and hit their live chat. They explained to me every step, what to expect from the game server…they answered every question. Even after the fact, i must have entered 10 tickets in 2 days asking questions. They always got back to me promptly.

    I rented a server from their west coast location, in Los Angeles. I get great pings even in Vancouver. Come check out my west coast Chivalry server, HR - TO Open Server. I was so happy with them that I purchased a Natural Selection 2 server as well, and they gave me a bundled discount, :o WOOT :D . Probably won’t be getting much sleep the next few days!

    I whole hardily recommend Blue Fang Solutions as your next game server provider. ;)

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