Issue with Ballista on Battlegrounds

  • I’m sure this has been reported before. The ballista on Battlegrounds, the one nearest Mason spawn, when firing back towards the spawn, does not damage anyone. Earlier when I was fighting someone, a ballista bolt fired through my targets body, and shortly after I killed him his ragdoll disappeared in front of me and zoomed towards where the bolt that had just been fired landed. Picture related.

  • All of the ballistae in general need an overhaul/big fix, there are so many problems with them. What you saw wasn’t because it was turned the wrong way, I imagine it has something to do with clientside lag or desync. Sometimes when rotating a ballista, you shoot immediately after turning it but the “actual” ballista has not caught up with the turn rate of the model so it shoots in some random direction–on your screen it probably caught up and went into this guy, on the guy-who-shot-it’s screen it hadn’t yet caught up.

    There’s also the problem of ballista shots constantly going through random people, or killing people it doesn’t hit, and don’t even get me started on trying to shoot people on catapults and how often they break by aiming into the ground. Sometimes makes contributing to Citadel impossible, and by sometimes I mean 50% of the time.

  • Except that is unrelated. This is in fact an issue with the ballista on battlegrounds. When facing towards the mason spawn, you can have someone stand perfectly still, and fire straight through them repeatedly. You will never hit someone with the ballista on battlegrounds facing towards Mason spawn. What you’re describing is just regular latency / lag.

    Feel free to test this yourself.

    I’ll also provide a video later to demonstrate.

  • Same thing happens with the ballistas on hillside. Though you aren’t supposed to shoot people with them you can turn them around and fire into mason spawn. But quite often it doesn’t actually kill people.

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