?Screen shake? After kicked

  • I know this has been raised here before, but I’m just highlighting it again because it still happens.

    When you get kicked, you get knock backed like normal, but right at the end of the animation your first person field of view shakes slightly and your position gets readjusted to where you are standing. This makes parrying attacks that follow up the kick extremely difficult to pull off because your first person field of view is altered from the screen shake.

    Weapons like Norse Sword become very, very difficult to parry. Even more so when they have a shield and they do the Norse Overhead w/ shield. Hell, even the stab is difficult to parry because your screen gets readjusted mid way through trying to turn yourself so you can parry in time.

    Only MaA can pull this off because their foot speed allows them to get around your side and do a sneaky overhead (and when it’s with a shield it’s even more stupid because TB are too lazy to fix overheads with shields and instead call it a “feature”) around your side. Good luck trying to turn and parry that when you’re getting the weird screen shake.

    I don’t know if it’s any different for third person view but I don’t use it so meh.

  • I hate the kick in its current incarnation.

  • Kick needs work. A substantial amount of work.

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