Archer and Throwing weapons Solution

  • I Suggest All Throwing Weapons have the damage reduced by 3/4 or 2/3’s… Ie Any arrows, throwing axes,
    flame pots, knifes , In fact all weapons across the board that are not swords and other melee thingys.

    Quite long ago I posted the fact archers will over run the population and just 6 months back another
    post by me named Archer solution. Now I note that comps don’t really like Archers and flame pots
    because it seems An Elite Throwing expert such as Archer or any projectile can often win a scrim.

    Just recently I joined the new ranked 15 or below (last night) they had upwards of 9 archers
    not to mention near everyone using knifes, throwing axes ,spears etc.
    The ranked servers weren’t as bad but still out of control. With excessive projectiles.

    My new idea is simply to reduce any damage by 3 quarters or 2 thirds, this will mean that
    order can be restored and some might even decide playing other classes is cool again.
    hard core archers and others might complain briefly but I doubt would give up playing that
    type of Class Archer or using throwing goodies as other classes.
    Even in Scrims this might be accepted by clans allowing such damage reductions so matches
    might no longer be dominated by that expert marksman carrying the whole team. :butterfly:

  • I think two thirds or three quarters is too much.

  • The ultimate solution is to remove them all, actually. That way they won’t ever bother anyone again.

  • Imo they have a place in the game. Is it not just another nerf after all.

    Also While I remember the Sentinels IN tribes ascend were not powerful at
    all compared to the Archers and projectile users in Chivalry now. Even so
    a good sentinel could save make or break a game at a deadlock.
    An elite Archer or projectile user wouldn’t really suffer to much
    with my damage reduction ideas at all in Chivalry tbh.

  • Heavy xbow needs to remain a one-shot headshot on every class or else it’s not viable. I don’t think a damage nerf would be appropriate as much as more random shot sway (just a bit for most ranged projectiles) and disabled crosshair for archer primaries and thrown weapons.

    Another idea would be to make archer’s drawing their bow or crossbow take twice as long as equipping another weapon, so they’ll be discouraged from switching to arrows mid-fight, and have to be good at melee and avoidance as well as accuracy and reflexes. Ofc you could give sling or javelins the ability to skip the extra equip-time as a unique perk, whilst bows and crossbows cannot be drawn rapidly. Maybe shortbow and light crossbow could also draw faster.

    The key is to adjust only his primary projectiles, nothing else with the class, or risk over-nerfing. And again, damage doesn’t need much tweaking, mostly just the skill requirement such as removed crosshairs and slight aim sway. As Loin said, Archers do have a roll in this game tbh hehe. So we can’t outright REMOVE them! Use your brain compartments and fuckulize an idear of dlc archer customers suddenly logging in and see big comic sans NOPE when they try to pick archer.

  • Heavy xbow needs to remain a one-shot headshot on every class or else it’s not viable.

    Not realy, if we cut damage by 2/3 for most ranged weapons and 1/3 for HXB then 1 torso + 1 headshot would do 110dmg to knights.
    And still headshot anything else.

  • Increase Archer melee swap time, double it.

    Make all projectiles do 50-70% less damage to the Knight. Making the Knight a true hard counter to Archers. It means archers will be useful against MAA and Vanguard and have little use vs Knights. Knights are wearing full plate after all, reflect that by making projectiles shit against them.
    That way archers are still useful to kill off the high Damage vanguard or the pesky MAA.

  • I second Toll’s proposal.

    Would give the knight an increased “tanker” bonus for being more resistant to archers, really nice idea. :)

  • Motion carried well put mr Toll. Last night the speed in which archers were killing was quite concerning. I watched that
    small picture in top right and 3 in a row were killed by one archer so fast it could have been called spam. Its just
    uncanny at how fast they can kill now even low skilled ones, lets not even go into spawn camping and zoom fov 45.

  • Archers need to have a normal weapon swap time, so they at least have a chance to draw a weapon and defend against someone who have just hit them. That being said, they don’t need the ridiculous faster melee draw time on some of their weapons like daggers etc. This allows them to just wait until the last second to fire off a shot and still have time to draw and attack/parry. An archer should really be on the back foot if they are caught with their pants down and gun equipped. But shortsword doesn’t give a shit about that and can be dragged enough so it can proc the backstab bonus. Haven’t got the spreadsheet in front of me but I am sure I have seen a Vanguard 2 shot by the shortsword.

    I believe the damage should still remain high for arrow/bolt headshots but reduced for body shots. It would be even better if the damage was reduced further for arm/hand/leg/feet shots but that seems a bit too difficult to code and I wouldn’t trust TB to code that after the whole shield counting as a head shot fiasco we once had to go through with.

  • There are also plenty of places where the short spear jav can easily hit a knight, 2 of those and it’s all over for the Knight and at such easy to hit range, it would be a totally different story if the knight could tank 4 of those… the MAA and vanguard (as well as other archers) would still get hurt, but each of those classes has something to offer vs archers. MAA the speed and doge, the vanguard has speed and 1 hit weapons + range. The knight … well he is slow, OKish ranged weapons. Oh and a shield! Pitty any archer worth is salt will keep his distance from a knight easily enough.

    At least with this option the Knight can, at the least, simply tank ranged hits whilst his faster cousins do their jobs and KILL THE ARCHERS.

  • The shortsword on Archers is a beast. Pitty the fool that holds his shield up that you kick. Pull out a cigar, light it, have a few puffs, casually walk around the back of the knight and slip a shortsword in his back for double damage.

  • the final solution is to remove all archers from chivalry

  • Oh no to extreme tbh. This was about projectile weapons also. This was just a filter to leave the Elite and Best cream of
    Archers and users of throwing projectiles in place. Hopefully deter the cod element which is still on the increase imo.

  • That is what the Knight thing will do. I know a few people go Archer just to counter the archers, leading more people to choose archer. Perhaps doing this knight thing will break the cycle.

  • In that Tribes game not many bothered with Sentinel class after seeing how hard it was to master
    so this is what Chivalry should use. Walking around with arrows, knifes and throwing axes in my back
    from new players is not cool when on same team. Imo the Archer pool and projectile users should be
    a high quality thing and not just over run by newbs with no or little regard for team mates or objectives.
    This would encourage them to play other classes leaving the Archers in a bastion of high Quality
    marksmen like the master craftsmen. Also this might enable Archers of clans to participate
    in all forms of scrims without bias from other clans as they get a few chances in game to avoid
    that headshot 1 kill ruining a good scrim, archers and throwing projectiles should just be a factor
    of a scrim not a match decider or dominater imo.

  • Having watched that recent video of Lions vs KT this proves my point tbh.

    taken from above post by loin:
    archers and throwing projectiles should just be a factor
    of a scrim not a match decider or dominater imo

    That archer took out 3 players in that scrim: Shot with arrows and butter knifed.
    Case proved imo and its just a snapshot of what actually has been going on for months in pub servers.

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