Lefties should be excluded and stereo typed .

  • If we can’t use realism as an argument to exclude lefties, then I demand the inclusion of women, the disabled, every imaginable ethnic group, and the obese.

    If find this quite an insult taken of a post about left handed players on steam.
    It doesn’t surprise me to find its an old friend I kick off my list of contacts long ago.

  • But what did you mean when you said this (with regards to left-handed people) Loin? @Loin:

    they are more
    inteligent with much higher IQ’s and are better Knights in Chivalry.

  • While adding left-handed opponents would add a bit more variety in blocking to the use forehand lmb stike (as in left handed, it would come from the other direction and affect blocks etc.,), it probably wouldn’t have much impact since people can back hand with the current right hand setup much to the same effect.

    From a technical perspective, it’s generally sensible to keep the amount of different animations down though. Adding in left handed anims for everyone would double the amount. It’d also be a lot of dev time to make that work, probably drastically affect performance have very little benefit

  • My post was just humour as its all commonly known humour in society by rights and lefties hehe @gndo
    Also I am sure they were doing a left handed mode in a beta test atm.

  • lefty anims were just skeleton changes afaik

    all the animations are identical albeit mirrored

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