Should TBS be shy? Recap and what is going on

  • So CMW is still my go to game, over the last almost 2 years it has had its highs and lows. The lows were when they moved office to Canada (obviously the best country in the world), communication was closed in the transition.

    But then they hired a bunch of people, started pumping out updates and the game is where it is today. Nowadays the forum is actually very quiet with complaints, generally it is just troll posts from the usual suspects but very little in actual complains (flinch in release was the last one).

    So from TBS perspective what are they working on - why so shy in communication?

    My guess is Chiv 2 (hopefully not a non-related game). They pumped out DW in short time, a distraction but likely a necessary one to generate some extra cash.

    What makes CMW so very special (if a bit niche) is the combat, it is fucking fun and players that invest can dominate without any special MMORPG type bonuses. Anyone can become a master at this game, and the investment reaps rewards in terms of Kill ratio.

    So given that few requests are being made of CMW the natural thing would be do move on to CMW2. I dont really understand the UI update, for me it is window dressing that makes no difference to the gameplay, or game enjoyment and does nothing to attract new players.

    So back to CMW2 and what it could entail. I played mount and blade which has 4 times the number of players for a few hours but the combat bored me to tears. However it is an example of how to elevate the game and attract more players.

    The core attraction of CMW is combat, it is the PvP of any MMORPG, and the base attraction. I think they are likely migrating to a new engine and trying to decide on what else to do to expand their player base.

    I think the core elements they need are

    • larger battles
    • this is the biggest attraction of any game, feeling like you are truly part of a siege, something out of the LOR or other books where you can be the hero to affect a battle on a truly large scale.
    • bigger picture
    • one off games 16v16 with no lasting result is limited in satisfaction. Make it so winning a battle actually gives you a reward. Does not have to be a combat advantage but perhaps earn rewards that make a difference. A 1% extra damage sword that looks cool does not affect balance but damn it would great.
    • reward the team players
    • challenging to do but there needs to be an avenue for smart players who help the team but are not expert swordsman.

    Anyway back to the shyness, I would have thought TBS would have learnt from the lack of communication before, Steve even said so, but they are back to telling nothing of the future. Even the trolls who like to bash xyz are actually their biggest supporters so man up (and you have no women working for you anymore) and communicate like an adult…

  • I’d prefer Chivalry 2 to just be a better refined version of Chivalry 1, with greater focus on competitive play in regards to maps, mechanics and presentation. (Matchmaking, replays, etc) So basically nothing suggested in the OP.

    Some musts for Chivalry 2 imo:
    -Game optimized for servers to stably maintain a refresh rate of 120hz with the target player amount. (At least 60hz, current rate is ridiculously low)
    -Proper synchronization of animations and attacks, i.e. no sudden desyncs, animations do not fall behind attacks as combo progresses, etc.
    -Smooth player collision. (This might be an unrealistic wish; I have yet to see a multiplayer game that does this well. We’ll see how UE4 deals with it)
    -Server perspective replays on demand (With all the standard video game spectating options)
    -Dark Forest

    Optional bonus read: Some new mechanics/alterations I’d like to see added(-) or experimented with(*):
    *Small flinch in release windows based on the weapon causing flinch.
    *Feint recovery times that scale with windup duration before feint (See Crushed’s thread “Ultimate feint fix”)
    -Recovery parry after successful hit (Should be implemented into CMW, imo)
    -Stamina rework, less limiting of flexible play: *Larger pool but slower percentual regeneration rate + Faster regeneration whilst crouching + Slightly increased delay before regeneration start, perhaps

    Tbh I’m pretty happy with the current balance and such, and I wouldn’t mind the sequel heading in the same direction. (Subject to some needed tweaks) I just want the game to play better.

  • Chivalry 2 should not come for a very long time. This game needs to be perfected before Chiv 2 is even considered. I want to be playing this game for another at least 5 years before Chiv 2 has even begun brainstorming. Chivalry is the first of its kind and has a long ways to go still before its “satisfied.” DW should be enough of a deterrent to understand working on MW instead of making sequels.

  • Chiv2 asap plz tbh.

  • @SOC:

    Chivalry 2 should not come for a very long time. This game needs to be perfected before Chiv 2 is even considered.

    This game is doomed to never be perfect, already.

    Chiv2 asap plz tbh.

    yes plz

  • So basically you just want some patches to cmw and you are happy?

    I don’t see the incentive to TBS to put in some patches to make it smoother, and well balance that nobody can agree upon.

    Just not a financial win for them.

  • Out of order tbh -> generally it is just troll posts from the usual suspects (Loin, Flippy, Oy etc) your words greg

    Those Three cool chaps don’t need your outburst. Some of us , heavens forbid actually use the
    forum and post other stuff not always game related, which is a part of most functioning communities.
    TB did say they were releasing a candidate patch next week.

  • generally it is just troll posts from the usual suspects (Loin, Flippy, Oy

    Mods he’s hurting my feelings. BAN. INFRACTION.

  • my point is that nobody even advocates or cares about changes anymore, the game is done.

  • the game IS done

    what TBS should be doing is maintaining the game by updating the mod tools with new features and bug fixing while they work on a bigger project

  • You’re not allowed to personally call anyone out. Greg stop being a troll pls. Also I like to consider myself mostly funny, usually have something worthy to contribute, and occasionally don’t filter myself enough ( I am Canadian after all). I don’t consider myself a troll however, but if labelling me as one gets you off, so be it.

  • Edited original post for calling players out. Please keep it constructive, Greg.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Back on topic.
    Isn’t TB busy with Horde mode atm instead of Chiv2?
    I have this bad feeling they are again not going in the right direction (just like with DW)…

  • Greg doesn’t know the meaning of the word troll. Its just a word he likes throwing around.

    Anyway I doubt the are working on a chiv 2. If they are working on another game it would probably be something else.

  • I must be the only one that doesn’t want Chiv 2. I like this current setting, I like the way things look, I like how it feels, I like the immersion, I like this world, I like the characters and voices, I like the combat. Just needs improvement/fixes.

  • Chiv 2 will be like CoD 2 or 4 or 6 or whatever, same shit different bucket. So lets just fill our first bucket with pristine shit please.

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