King's health objective progress bar

  • Seeing as getting the king’s health down to 0 is an objective, I think it should show on the objective marker, just like “destroy” or “capture” objectives. It would be helpful for both teams to be able to see how low the king’s health is just like you can see how much progress has been made destroying something.

  • I concur. This has been overlooked far too long. A man knows.

  • I wouldn’t mind if it were only for the defending team.

  • Nahhhh, because then I can’t say “THE KINGS ALMOST DEAD, EVERYONE RUSH HIM!” When the king isn’t almost dead and I’m just trying to get people to stop TDMing. People always get excited when they think they can get an easy king kill ;)

  • @bootyhorn:

    I wouldn’t mind if it were only for the defending team.

    +1 for this

    TBH when playing king the main 3 types of damage I receive are: team damage, firepots and arrows. It’s rare these days for a concerted melee attack.

    Having defenders see king health might make them actually rally on defence, but I don’t really seen any benefit for the attackers

    Also I think team damage on the king should be reflective.

    Actually on second thoughts I’ve also liked the idea of partial reflective damage in general (e.g. something 40% damage to teammate + 50% damage to the person doing it) - it’d help reduce the amount of TKs on large chaotic servers

  • I’m not sure I’d be too fond of reflected teamdamage in general, but it is a must for damaging the king.

    Or at least make it so that if you can manage to bring down the teamkiller, then the teamkiller actually respawns only after around 60 seconds instead of a lousy mere 5 seconds.

  • Nah I like it how it is. A good king tells his team how much health he has. The attacking team can tell by blood, and just keeping track of how much his team has been setting the king on fire and landing hits, as well as the king’s general behaviour; if he’s stood there chilling or spamming ‘c’, he’s probably quite healthy. The OP’s suggestion would be a dumbing down, imo.

  • I propose a trade: Immunity to firepots for always visible healthbar for everyone.

  • Those firepots are fuckin annoying, especially when your team boxes you in so you burn in a corner.

  • And the fact that the fire effect and the actual firepot disjoints from the actual area where it burns, making it an invisible unpredictable hazard.

    And the fact it blinds you completely.

    And the fact the thrower don’t even have to see you to hit you without problems.

    Firepots are bs alone but with kings involved it just goes beyond bs.

  • King should be able to collect this many projectiles and then run into people for spike damage.

  • ^

    Holy shit it must be hard to read his feints lol

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