Video memory do you reset the variables TB

  • My system plays One map then runs out of video memory. Some times I manage an offline with 0 bots
    then onto 1 map online, then crash out of video memory reboot time.

    Simply put I suggest you look for the Video ram variables and on exit map or game set back to 0.
    ready for next use. If the video memory is not fully freed up before next map loads then this
    could be an area worth looking at in the section of code. This card is a gtx650 with 2gb DDR5.
    It might be worth checking all the Ram variables as its an area easily overlook in code sometimes.

  • I have almost half your vram and this never happens to me, chivalry never goes above 1k vram for me (tb y u no high res textures :c)

    wonder why this is?

    560ti 448 core msi twin frozr II

    i5 3570k

    **MSI Z77A-G45 LGA 1155 (i think)
    (ahh why is my font like this)

    8gb ram

    some cheap 650w corsair or something**

  • The point is on medium or low video cards emptying the memory buffers with correct variable initialisations or clear them
    out or even declaring them back to say A = 0. Is good code practice. I don’t believe its there fault but should be
    looked at. High spec video cards even so might eventually crash but not as frequently or fast as medium to low end ones.

    Back in the day Coders had Ethics and actually gave a rats ass about using a users resources and code was always
    done in a budgeted way esp ram and scope of life cycle and the end users hardware’s resources.

    Steam and kickstarter has way to many cowboys simply stealing old game code, repast and walk off with no support.
    In the coding world unlike many others a , standard even in mods needs to be set with relevant Cash Heavy fines.

  • Never had an out of video memory error. 1GB card max settings. It isn’t graphics card intensive.

  • @lemonater47:

    Never had an out of video memory error. 1GB card max settings. It isn’t graphics card intensive.

    I do agree tbh this shouldn’t be video intensive. Its not bad for me as my main game rig is ok but is with 2*gtx580 sli.
    However not everybody has spare rigs or very high end computers to play and enjoy Chivalry so resources should be
    considered in code and scopes as it was back in the day. Its doubtful its TB’s fault but inherited in the code some were.

  • I had an out of memory error once. But that was normal memory. Some random issue that I didn’t know was physically possible. My computer started up one time deciding that it didn’t want to have 8GB of ram and only have 1.73GB of RAM. Which was interesting considering you can’t buy 1.73GB sticks of RAM and my computer has 2 4GB sticks in it. My computer still said it had those two 4GB sticks of RAM in there but the total RAM given in windows, the DXdiag and in easytune which is the tuning software that comes with the motherboard, all said I had a total of 1.73GB of RAM. Restarted the thing which fixed the issue. And it was funny because chivalry was the only game that crashed because no other game uses that much RAM in 64 bit. Not battlefield 4 not star citizen which are both 64 bit. But chivalry. Which peaks at a whopping 2.5GB of RAM usage just for the game while playing. The rest barely to passed 1GB. Star citizen gets the closest with about 1.6GB almost. And that’s in the dog fighting module.

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