Bringing back VOIP

  • If it was limited to like 3 seconds localized, then i can just imagine myself saying “come kill this guy” when charging out of spawn, or reminding people “stab not lmb!” when we’re ganging up on mason’s lvl 54 pubstomper in full cosmetics. I think it would add depth to the game, and if the vast public majority isnt in opposition, then woudnt a simple no voice tickbox suffice?

    After all, Chiv does have beta servers

  • i would like voip simply to spam soundboard stuff in pubs

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    Definitely pretty open to spamming, but I find in-built voip to be pretty nice in most games. Nobody on a pub is gonna join a ts/mumble server.

  • OP, im totally with u. VOIP is decades old technology (remember HL1 counter strike?) and should not behard on the tech side. on the community side, yes theres always gonna be dumbass, but theres vote kick, among other things, to address said dumbasses.

    i would LOVE voip on pub servers for tactics. imagine this: youre trying to kill the king in the last obj in stones village but, as usual, the masons are running in piecemeal, a few at a time, trying to kill the king while agatha forces are grouped ready and waiting. what u need to do is mass together then rush as a tteam right? with VOIP, one can say “come on lets mass here, wait for everyone” [everyone gets togather] “ok lets GOOOOO!!!” and the team rushes together, spamming the war face/war cry etc. epic right? without VOIP, organizing a basic tactic like that is nearly impossible.

  • This is exactly why i feel so strongly about reintroducing VOIP, currently you can have amazing moments when you go 5v1 and come out without a scratch, but on a team-level the possibilities are endless with heroic charges and rescues, etc.

    When i used to play Garry’s Mod i exclusively used my mic, no typing. I’m not saying Chiv has to have an open mic channel for constant talking; but i honestly find myself making a lot more friends in games where there are microphones involved. 4k hours of dota and 2.5k of garrysmod meant transitioning through different communities and groups of people, but 430 hours of chiv and i only have one friend :(. All my skills were developed myself from watching level 50s wipe the floor in pubs, but im still miles away from being actually decent because nobody wants to talk :(, apart from occasionally on duel servers.

  • Voip would work really well with ranked matchmaking. That way voip is taken more seriously. I’d like to have it anyhow at least with an option to mute any spammers.

  • I never used the VOIP feature while they still had it. If they brought it back, I still wouldn’t.

  • still like the idea of positional VOIP where you could hear either teammates nearby or everyone nearby depending on setup. But it would have to have good checks and balances to stop trolls - clear identification of who’s broadcasting and working votemute/adminmute ability (and of course the ability to opt out of it)

  • The sad thing about these threads is that they always die :(

  • Yes please. It upsets me that it was removed.

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