Can't find any (good) servers.

  • I can’t find a single TDM or TO server with a good ping, and I’m not doing 32p Outpost with a 94 ping. I remember there being more TDM servers. What happened? Now it’s just low rank servers and duels for the most part.

  • Where do you live?

    Not sure if it’s really related considering one UK server has 77 ping for you, and another 185.

    Team Deathmatch is rare and usually only comes only in various-gamemode-servers. I think it’s just the community that prefers lowrank servers and duels. Reset your filters to display empty servers and you’ll see a load of FFA, TDM and LTS servers as well. Might even see a CTF server.
    I think in your case you’re better off joining one of these 1/32 servers and hope more will join (they always do).

    And Torn Banner, for crying out loud, reduce the amount of lowrank servers already. **Again.
    **I remember ancient times where my screen wasn’t 50% green.

  • That 50 slot server with the ping of 99 seems pretty decent. Joining there has been known to increase your playing ability and it has the most friendly and fabulously handsome admins :P

    There are still some TDM only servers but as mentioned above, a lot are still classic servers with TDM on rotation with other game modes.

    If you are local to some of those servers, wondering why your pings are that high. You could try pinging the servers via cmd and seeing what the actual routing time is.

    If it’s still high then might want to look to tracert’ing to see if there’s latency on one of the intermiediate hops, however in this sort of case (assuming you’re not in an obscure island in the middle of the atlantic) it’s usually an issue of contention on the ISP end of things (or a massive lack of resources on the pc end of things)

  • Monkey has no shame.

  • This is pretty common no matter where you live, even during prime times. There needs to be fewer low rank servers.

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