[CMW] Custom Scoring Event

  • When adding the mutator ‘CMWMutator_CustomScoring’ to a TO2 game and use its Kismet event ‘NonPlayerBotKill’ the killer is always the assister, never the one who killed the bot in case an other player damaged the same bot before it died. On top of that the event fires twice for assisted kills (with the assister instead of the killer in both cases).

    I can not release my map unless this is fixed or I find a workaround for this. Is there an other way to get the killer of a bot? I tried the KillTarget mutator but the event did not fire for bot kills.

    It works fine though when only Mason bots kill Agatha bots (fires once with the correct killer).

    The Custom Scoring event ‘Assist’ is even more bugged: as soon as there are more Agatha bots it returns random bots and players as the assister.

    Just a question: is the patch 27 only for beta version at the moment? Because bot archers still don’t work in the normal game concerning damage and projectile visibility when starting the server (only works for PIE).

    Ok, found a provisional fix by altering the source code of the custom scoring mutator.
    Placed this into the ActivateKillNotifyEvents function:

    //skip this for the bot kill event when the victim was already killed
    if(InStr( string(ScoreEvent), “CMWSeqEvent_CustomScoreNonPlayerBotKill”) != -1 && victims.Find(Victim) != -1)

    //add the victim only if the kill event fires
    if( InStr( string(ScoreEvent), “CMWSeqEvent_CustomScoreNonPlayerBotKill”) != -1)

    In addiditon created an array at the beginning.

    No idea yet how to include this in my map though…

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