Contest Time Frame

  • Hey, I was just curious about what amount of time is left on the judging period. A few days or a week? This next coming week possibly?

    Just want to get an idea of how much time I have to work on my submission making tweaks and getting things more balanced out. I am completely redoing certain parts and creating some new custom buildings and such to help get it done more effectively. This obviously takes a bit of time to do, which I am crunching into a day or two.

    Anyway thanks. It’s been fun.

  • I am going to take an educated guess here and say 1-2 more weeks atleast

    Theres just no way you can test 45 maps extensively without 2 weeks atleast

  • I would say the same time when UI update will be released or even later than that. Just give TBS time, improve yer maps and be patient.

  • They did say a “few weeks”, and there are 45maps, so I’m just going to be patient.

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