Mod Idea - Zombies

  • Hey, I have an idea on a mod for Chivalry - Zombies.

    ****How the rounds would work

    ****At the start of the round, all the players would be survivors apart from one randomly chosen player who would be the zombie. Every time a zombie kills a survivor, that survivor is turned into a zombie, the round ends when all the survivors are dead. Ideally there would be a set timer or number of rounds per map. The last survivor will be the first zombie for the next round.

    Zombies and Survivors Details**

    The zombies would have the speed of the ingame archer and would be killed by one shot to the head/upper body all other areas are invulnerable. Zombies only weapon is their fists (if that is impossible to make, then daggers would be fine). Survivors would have MAA speed and can use any weapon. They would only take one hit for a zombie anywhere on their body to die and turn into zombie. The last survivor would get a small speed boost. Maybe the zombies would have the appearance of the character when its health bar is empty.

    I think that’s all the details. What do you guys think?

  • The first Zombie wont survive 5s? against 31 archers.

  • And the other 20 zombies will destroy those archers with server lag and fps issues :P

  • I liked in CS:S ZombieMod how the zombie pick was random every time. So the guy who is gonna be zombie has like 10 or 20 seconds to get near a nice group of people before being zombified, and everyone else is kinda milling about trying to keep an eye on everyone around them while they reach high ground.

  • @KingJoff:

    The first Zombie wont survive 5s? against 31 archers.

    No. At the beginning of each round everyone is spawn randomly, a zombie will always spawn near at least one survivor and will have a very good chance to infect them. If the zombie dies, it just continues to respawn as a zombie, they have infinite lives.

  • So the zombies would always win? I like also zombies very much but this sounds frustrating :)

    CS zombiemod is great

  • Every time I bring up zombies people are like “nope I want peasant uprising”. That’s not zombies!

    I think survivors should be able to take more than one hit but not regenerate health. I also think zombies should work like black knight mod, where they can keep going without legs or arms, but if they lose their head they die.

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