Trouble with Fraps

  • So I use fraps to record any games I play, and I thought about recording some MW gameplay.
    Every time I hit the record key with fraps, no matter where I am in the game (menu, in-game, preparing, even launcher) the game will crash upon starting a recording.

    Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I tried to record with something else, like DXTory, but if possible I’d prefer to just get fraps working again since I’m much more comfortable with that.

  • Try disabling the Steam Overlay for this game.
    It’s weird how that fixes a lot of recording-related problems for this game, even if they have nothing to do with alt-tabbing or something like that.

  • Well your main problem is that you bought fraps. Fraps in 2014 is a piece of shit. It did alright in 2006 but not today. Get something else. Like bandicam. You will wonder why you even used fraps.

    Secondly yes disabling the steam overlay can fix problems with screen recorders. Though usually it doesn’t chase games to crash but It can.

    The reason being screen recorders have their own overlays. Even if the screen recorder FPS overlay isn’t “on” it still is, there’s actually no way to properly turn them off. But you can properly turn off steams overlay which can solve many problems. Some games do not like 2 overlays running at once.

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