Riposte mechanic question

  • I tried looking around the forums but found only whine threads so I’m making a new one to ask about how exactly does a riposte work. I mean does it use the normal wind-up timing or is it somehow sped up or is there a universal riposte timer? It most certainly does look like a riposte is faster than a normal attack so I wonder.

    Anyone with the knowledge to clarify please?

  • you should look in tactics and tutorials

    we know you didn’t look around. you’re not fooling anyone

  • Well I did, honest.

    Except tactics and tutorials, I’m afraid of venturing there, people might try to educate me.

    Edit: I found nothing to answer my question.

  • To make my question clear: What will determine the length of a wind-up of a riposte?

    Additional info about any changes in release or recovery are welcomed too.

  • No1 except Torn Banner knows how exactly does it work.

  • Not even TBS know how it works, lol.

    Anyway, I tested the LS riposte once, comparing it to the regular OH. I recorded both attacks and counted frames in VLC until the tracers were drawn for each attacks, found that both attacks actually had the same windup length. Iirc.

  • Perhaps it appears to be faster because part of the animation is concealed in the parry animation. Perhaps ping plays major role as well, maybe because rather than just one action, two are being performed, that is to say both parry and riposte.

  • My understanding of the mechanic as always been that a riposte skips the windup, or at least the first feintable half of it. Ripostes definitely ARE faster. Get a buddy and have a fight back and forth without ripostes and get a feel for manual counter-attacks. Then have a riposte war. Way more intense and fast-paced.

  • its a morph into a quick release

  • Perhaps it just skips the parry recovery?

  • No Oy does have a point. This parry recovery you speak off is minimal on a successful parry (0.2s?) and yet riposte is a lot faster or at least feels so.

    I thought this is going to be an easy question and yet, this much after the release in a game where these things matter a lot and yet nobody knows.

  • It’s not faster, it just means that the very instant that you parry someone you can start an attack. This means that the weapons wind up will be masked by the parry animation and as their hands warp into the last part of wind up stage and into release.

    So there is no difference in speed, it just appears that way.

  • So it bypasses parry recovery.

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