LAN Party server / offline play

  • Hi, I am hosting a LAN party which will probably not have internet access, and I am looking for information how to set up a server in offline mode. I found a few old threads, but a lot of the links seem to be dead and I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  • I would like information on this as well.

  • Easy enough really.
    Set up the server like you normally would, screw the port forwarding and just connect via LAN IP in console.
    I don’t think the server browser has a LAN tab, so using console “open” per example would be your option.

    Oh and of course, steam in offline mode.

  • I actually have a lan launcher made for CDW, im just working on clearing it with Daggyzo and other peoples. If they say yes, than I will release it to you people. I am a huge lan party fan, so I wanted to share my work with fellow “lan enthusiasts”. I will keep you posted.

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