Excaliburs Masamune

  • If you are looking for a solid clan, look no further than Excaliburs Masamune. This clan is a very competitive clan, while being friendly at the same time. There is a layout of members in the clan, and it is as follows. There is a king who is the overall leader of the whole clan. From there there are two houses. House Excalibur and House Masamune. Each House has a head of house, generals, knights and at the bottom are the foot soldiers. Below that is the academy, where any new members are trained to become great. Most of it is playing by yourself, but the clan will join you and observe. Once academy members feel ready, they can request a tryout with the house of their choosing. the head of the house or the general, depending on the way power is distributed amongst head of houses, will then decide a test for you, whether it be a 1v1 or getting a certain kdr in a match. If you make it, you will become a foot soldier and then work your way up from there. We are a steam based clan, though that is easy to aquire, it being free, so if you would like to join the clan or have any questions, you can either leave them as a response to this post or you can contact me on steam. my steam id is ruffles821, and just to clarify, once you attain a rank, it will move across BOTH of the games that the clan deals with. you dont necessarily have to have them both, but if you do, ex you are a knight in Chivalry. you would still be classified as a knight in War of the Roses, with the same responsability. my suggestion to those of you who will or already have both would be to practice at each alot to attain the same skill level required with the position that you are in. Again, you can either respond here or message me on steam, but Excaliburs Masamune hopes to hear from you soon!

  • Wow, this looks to be one if the more intriguing clan setups I’ve seen. It will be a pleasure to meet you on the battlefield.

  • Ok Guys i have set up an email so EMAIL me first if you want to join. the email is ExcalibursMasamune@yahoo.com and email me with an email that you dont care if i keep so that way i can send out mass clan news so far. :D

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