• Before we continue, I acknowledge similar threads to this one but I think I have a couple new ideas (I’m a special snowflake etc)

    Would it be at all possible to have an RPG with combat as precise as Chivalry-MW? An open world game with customisable armour and weapons and levelling? (Your stat boosts would be significant but not overwhelming to a lower player character) A game where you can visit towns and complete dungeons against AI who can actually fight? Perhaps even team up with up to 3 other buddies to all be in the same ‘game world’ for more fun. Help them, hinder them and generally mess about. A game where you could visit the arena and be pitted against real opponents, much like the game we have now and win in-game gold to buy that helmet you so dearly wanted. I’m a pretty good Chivalry player, having just clocked over 500 hours of my busy life (inb4 noob) because I so dearly love this game. I find myself frequently just messing around in free for alls and classic duel servers because I have no incentive to win. Winning ingame gold I could spend on an ingame sword or horse or bookshelf, placing bets on players in the arena (not that I condone betting very much), taking a walk across the countryside and being ambushed by unskilled but overenthusiastic bandits would be absolutely brilliant. This combat system needs to be implemented in an open world game. The results would be gorgeous.


  • It’s perfectly possible.

    Would it be anything but a meaningless grindfest? Debatably not.

    It’s also a factor of time. Bethesda started preliminary work on Skyrim in 2006, full development in 2008. Even with a team of over 100 people it still took 3-5 years to develop.

  • We really need more games with this melee mechanics. Its revolutionary tier what we have here.

  • Warband has mechanics in this style. Not so advanced but anyway. You should check this game.

  • A doable endeavor. Just a few problems that would have to be addressed. Firstly and foremost is balancing any kind of currency that comes up in such a way that there aren’t gold-farmers selling it for real money. And the duality of that is making it so that any acquirable equipment isn’t so hard to get that the same kind of shops crop up. A developer real money store is almost the end-all to that problem, and it supports TB or whoever develops it. But I also sort of hate that kind of thing at the same time, as a player with a small pocketbook. If micro transactions are literally kept micro (nothing over $5 - $10) it might workout. A once a month giveaway of free stuff is always good too.

    I bring that up because there is another game that had this problem and it ended up costing the developers because they were too stubborn to be more innovative with their assets.

    Second big issue I’d have with that game is stats. Because those inevitably separate players, regardless of skill. I like how the game is right now where you kind of get a boost for getting rank, but nothing that you can control directly, and it definitely doesn’t make you unstoppable to a newbie. Keep the playing field balanced by not over complicating it, too many games break the KISS rule when it comes to balance and gameplay. (Keep It Stupid Simple.)

    Otherwise, an RPG-esque environment would be fun and I’d love to design the levels for something like that for a game that wasn’t overly complex like Chivalry is at the moment.

  • @Fitfit:

    Warband has mechanics in this style. Not so advanced but anyway. You should check this game.

    I’ve played Mount and Blade. Fantastic game but not quite the same precision hey?

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