"Tempest - Duels" gives me sad time!

  • I would just like to thank **** duels for an exceptional(ly bad) time today! I was having fun dueling many players, and then some rude person hit me in the back with his axe during my duel, presumably by accident. I quickly spun around and stabbed him back to show my displeasure.

    He died from the person he was dueling immediately after.
    His next life he chased me down and killed me during a duel I was in.

    When I asked why he felt it necessary to random me he said “stop bitching it was one random”
    There may have been a stfu in there. Not sure.

    Anyways, I told him not to do it, to which 3 people immediately sided with him, presumably on his TS.

    One of them was an admin, he told me he would kick me if I did not drop it.
    I told him to do it then, because thats some dumb fucking shit.
    I continued to stab the original butt face who killed me, as a final farewell.

    I would just like to thank ****- Duels for a really great experience (not), siding with their bitch friends and then kicking me for calling them out on it!

    PS: this sucks ass because now I don’t want to go back there and it is the only place I have to duel. Fuckin shitty people >:(

  • Even in the scenario you’re laying out which is generally biased in the posters support you still portray yourself as being the worse of the two. Mistakes happen man.

  • ok. going out of your way to kill me is not a mistake.

  • Admin here. I told you (both, actually) to stop and just duel, or get kicked. You said go ahead, I’m bored anyways. I obliged you.

    From what I saw, which is mostly from chat, it appeared that you hit him during his duel, he turned around and killed you. Apparently not the case, but I don’t care. Should have been done with, and just gone back to dueling.

    Oh, and if you think I wouldn’t have banned Mike, ask Shack what I do to randomers.

  • When you have an issue with a server, it’s advised that you contact the owner of the server, instead of publically calling it out on the forums. Locking thread.

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